Thursday, 14 January 2016

London Fun

So this goes with the one that was up on Monday. After our lovely night in the hotel we didn't actually go down for breakfast until 10AM, it was a buffet type breakfast where you could get cereal, a hot breakfast, fruit, pastries... all kinds of whatever you wanted. It was absolutely lovely, I really enjoyed it and I think the rest of the family loved that too.

After breakfast we went back to our room, took a selfie on the balcony as you do and we checked out at Midday. We thought we would make the day a it so we went into Canary Wharf shopping centre and did a little bit of shopping. We popped into Clinton's, Cath Kidston, Starbucks and a few other shops.

In Cath Kidston we got Little Miss P a pair of  hi-top trainers, they have a lovely flowery pattern on them. The trainers go very well with a little bag that she's got. They were £12 in the Sale, down from £20. After the shops we took a boat ride to the London Eye, we didn't go on it as we only went on it last year and it was a grey day so we wouldn't have got the best of views. So we had a look around and had a walk to Covent Garden. I really like just looking around and taking in everything in Covent Garden as there is so much going on. And I love people watching and that is a great place to people watch. I also popped into Paperchase and bought two things for Little Miss P for the holiday, a travel journal activity book and just another book to go with it for her to write in on the plane.

After Covent Garden we had a walk to Bank station to jump on the DLR so Little Miss P could ride the train and sit right at the front of it. By that time it was about 5:30 so we went from bank to Stratford and then jumped on the Central line home. Walking from Covent Garden to Bank we walked into a film set. Didn't actually realise we were walking through it until someone shouted "action" and then we realised so quickly went faster out of the shot. Little Miss P was amazed with it all because we saw the catering vans, the lights, cameras and all the equipment.

We did so much walking this weekend that my feet still hurt a little, but it was good for us. Even though it was raining through some of it, it was lovely. My hands went slightly numb but I did enjoy it all.
This seems to be a new tradition that happens at the beginning of the year so let's see if this will happen in 2017 as well. I think it depends if we have the money to do it or if we haven't got any major plans for 2017.

 It's a great way start to the year so let's hope that 2016 can carry on being great.

Mrs P

Here is a little video of our time over Christmas.


  1. I love Covent Garden! There is always so much going on a lots to see.

  2. This sounds like such a nice day out in London, and what a great family new year tradition x