Monday, 25 January 2016

Young Victoria - Review

I love watching films and before Christmas Mr P signed up to Amazon Prime just so we could get a present in time for Christmas, and you get the first month free. With getting the delivery the next day also you get Amazon Prime TV where you can watch TV shows and films for free. I love this just due to the fact that I said I love films. So far I've watched about five different films on it so here is my first review on the first film that I watched.

Young Victoria

Obviously from the title it's all about Queen Victoria but when she was younger some of it is even before she was queen.

Young Victoria was the only surviving heir of several sons of George III, two of her uncles, George IV (and his brother William IV) had preceded her as monarch. Unfortunately for Victoria her father, the Duke of Kent, died very early and her mother, the Duchess, fell under the spell of a conman in the shape of 
a conman . Sensing the prospect of power, the two of them raised Victoria in a repressive background at Kensington Palace, dubbing their tyrannical regime "The Kensington System".

Queen Victoria is played by Emily Blunt and I think she plays her so well.  I love this story as it is a true love story of Victoria and Albert. Albert ended up helping her run the country by bringing in the arts a lot more.

I really liked this film and wouldn't mind watching it again.


Mrs P

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