Thursday, 18 February 2016

A special trip

As I said in the last post we have planned a two week trip, one in Canada to see some family and the other in the USA... that part of the trip is to a magical place called Disney World. We will only be there for 6 days but I think this is the perfect time to take Little Miss P as she still believes in the Princesses, Mickey and Minnie mouse and to tell you the truth even I am fooled into believing the magic when I go there. I have only been there once before when I was 16 with my family. And I loved it.

We not going to tell her at all, when we arrive at Orlando airport we are staying at a Hilton Hotel near the airport. I will say in the next blog post about how we booked Disney. Then we are going back to the airport to pick up the Disney Express to take us to our hotel and we are just going to wait until the penny drops for her and see her little (or perhaps big) reaction. I have to say I am not sure how she will react. I am not sure how I will react and can I really keep it a secret until we are there? I hope so.

I hope that we will have a great time. Hold on... I know we will have a great time
Mrs P

Here is a little video of our time in devon.


  1. I love Disney too. Unfortunately I don't think you will be able to keep it secret for too long. There will probably be loads of other kids on the flight who will be talking about it non stop. The cabin crew usually spend time talking to people about their trip, so she is bound to catch on. Have a really nice time though x

  2. I love Disney too, never been to the Orlando resort before but have been to the Paris one and loved it. What a great surprise! x

  3. I've never done Disney before have an amazing time!! #welcometotheweekend