Thursday, 4 February 2016

Our New Suitcases

For one night suitcases have been a pain in my ass. We are going on holiday this year and I wanted to get the suitcases sorted as they're on sale at the moment, And they were going back up in price that night. So I really wanted to get them sorted just to stick up in the loft for when we need them. But the other half and I were butting heads with it, I was saying we should get the larger ones and he said no, medium-sized ones. In the end I gave in to let him have medium-sized ones. So we ended up with two medium size suitcases and I already have a smaller size suitcase so that will be Little Miss P's one. We also have two cabin size suitcases that will come on the plane with us, this is more for clothes in case our luggage gets lost, just so we have a spare set. As well I will also put a fleece in there for the plane for Little Miss P.

Ordered the suitcases with half an hour left before the offer ran out, it may even have been 10 minutes before the offer ran out. I'm glad we got them; my one is the pink one and Mr P's one is the teal colour. They are lightweight and easy to move with four wheels at the bottom. So hopefully when we get to the airport it will be easier keeping an eye on Little Miss P and her suitcase. The suitcases seem to have plenty of room in them. They will be full when we go but the whole reason why we got two cabin suitcases was to bring back the things we buy on holiday. Well at least that's the plan.

When we ordered them Tesco said that would be able to pick them up in our local store in two days' time, perfect. So Mr P and I went down to get them two evenings later, we even got the email saying they were in and I got all excited. But they couldn't find them and the Manager said they hadn't turned up yet and would be there by 10 o'clock the next day. We just left as I wasn't in the mood to argue with them but the next day I did ring up Tesco Direct and spoke to them. They said they got delivered yesterday at 9 AM in the morning. So before Mr P went to get them I went down there and asked if they were in, even though I wasn't picking them up there and then. They said yes but I wanted them to show me so I got them to show me the suitcases and then said to them I'm not getting them now, my husband is coming to get them later. I don't think the man was happy with me about that but I wanted to make sure before Mr P got in his car to get them.

The thing I didn't like about it was that it's such a small store, how could they lose the big boxes of suitcases. I think the Manager that night wasn't in the mood for looking for them, but the next night the guy was a completely different person... possibly because he had a little bit of a telling off by head office.

But we've got them now and they're in good condition and so far nothing else has happened. I got my product in the end, I just hope they fit all the clothing and don't go overweight as I don't fancy paying any extra luggage allowance.

Mrs P

Here is a little Day in the Life video I did Hope you enjoy x


  1. Hey, at least you got your suitcases in the end. And they look really nice! Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. It can be so hit and miss with some customer service things! Enjoy your trips!
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