Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Lookover

So did I to do my March goals?
Well yes for some of them and no for some of them. I started planning our Holiday and I think I have all the clothes. I didn't read any books and I am ahead on my YouTube, woohoo, so out of the three I did two of them, so I don't think I did too badly.

Did I make the most of March?
Well no I think I will always say that though. I have big plans for each of the months but it never happens.  Things just get in the way or I just can't be asked in the end.

What happened in March?
It was Mother's Day and I got treated to a lovely Yankee easy melt cup warmer and got made a lovely dinner and some cakes.  I got to see Little Miss P in the Royal Albert Hall and that was a proud mummy moment. It has also been my father in law, my cousins Joshua and Zachery's birthdays, and just getting ready for our little trip.

What would I change about March?
Not much as I think it was ok. It hasn't be the best month but it's been ok.

My Aim for April
Enjoy my family, take lots more photos as that is what I enjoy, help Little Miss P with her spelling and just enjoy life a bit more.

Mrs P

Monday, 28 March 2016

Proud Mummy Moment

My Daughter Little Miss P got a great opportunity with her school. She got the opportunity to perform in the Royal Albert Hall!

She sings with her choir at school and every two years they put on a huge event at the Royal Albert Hall where all the schools in the borough get together and put on a mass performance. It is an amazing event and surprisingly all of the kids sound amazing... it's not just the primary schools that sing it's also the high schools in the borough too.

I was lucky enough to go and help them out on the day as I work for the school and I've got all my checks. It was a very full on day but so enjoyable. Being able to see all the kids excited and then get very tired but when it came to the performance I went and got my seat with my family to watch as a parent. Some of my favourite bits of it was when they all had pom-poms and were doing a dance routine from their seats with them. It looks brilliant. Also I loved the singalong to Mamma Mia. It wasn't meant to be a singalong but I had to! I think most of the kids' favourite bit was when the balloons fell down from the ceiling at the end. And of course Little Miss P got one to take home with her.

Little Miss P really enjoyed her time even though we didn't get home till 10 to midnight. And she still had to wake up nice and early so the next day I did warn her teacher that if she fell asleep in class can she just leave her there for a little bit to catch up on her sleep. But she didn't fall asleep even though her eyes kept closing, well that's what the teacher said anyway.

Little one come bouncing out of school saying that she got five house points because they were the best year at the Albert Hall, it also happens to be the group I was in so it's a go me moment here.

I hope I do it again in another two years' time and I hope the Little Miss P gets the opportunity to do it again, considering music is quite a big thing in our family, well the husband mainly as I don't have a musical bone in my body. I would love for Little Miss P to be able to be musical as she seems to be enjoying it at the moment.

The music teacher is great and the kids are also brilliant. There were quite a few tired kids the next day though at school. But I think they're all slowly getting back to normal by now by catching up on some sleep.

Mrs P

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Yankee Easy Meltcup Warmer

It doesn't look like much but this Yankee Easy Meltcup is great, I love it.
It has no flame so is a lot safer when you have kids around. It's so easy, you just place a Scenterpiece Easy Meltcup in the warmer and turn on to enjoy hours of your fragrance.

It's easy to change and is quick and mess free, all you have to do is remove the cup and put another one in. So simple. At the moment I have Vanilla Cupcake cake in it and it is my favourite one.

I am so thankful for this as I got it for Mother's Day from Little Miss P and Mr P, they know me so well. At the moment I have this sitting on my desk in the study. I need to buy some more so will get some more from Clintons... I think they are £4.99 for each melt, which is cheaper than getting a new large candle.

I think next I would go and buy a fresh linen one like Clean Cotton, or the smell when you go outside on a lovely fresh day.

Mrs P

What I eat in a day video 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Beauty Products

Here are some beauty product things that I have been using. I don't wear makeup and don't normally use much skin care, but I have been at the moment due to my skin playing up with this winter weather.

I have never been good with make-up or skin care so I am just trying a few bits out to see if they work.

First up is this
Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
I picked this up because it said it's for sensitive skin and my skin needs a bit of that at the moment and it has seemed to calm it down a bit.

Avon Care cocoa butter face cream
I have only just started using this so I can't really tell if it's any good but I like the way it smells and it feels good on my skin. This is the first Avon skin product that I have tried.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
 I love Lush things, I have seen this doing the rounds on the internet so I had to get it to give it a go and I love it; the smell, how it makes my lips feel and it's so pink!

I am wanting to try out some more so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Mrs P

Thursday, 17 March 2016


So since Little Miss P was born I kind of lost where I was going. It wasn't just that she was born, at the same time we had a house that we had moved into for year and I was made redundant from my job at Woolworths.

She is now seven years old and I should really stop feeling sorry for myself. I need to get my motivation into gear so I thought at the beginning of every month I will do a little motivational blog post along with my monthly goals. I will still put them up on separate days but they will be in the same week and normally in the first week of every month.

I have been watching a YouTube person called Michael Gebben and he seems such a lovely guy, he just really got me motivated and I will leave the link here. He talks about something called MIA - not as in missing in action but massive imperfects action - I think it's great, although all it means is just give it a go, it doesn't have to be perfect and you never know what's going to come out of it.

I first wrote this blog a year ago and have just left it and haven't posted it. I am not sure why and I am not sure why I am posting it now.

Have I done anything that sticks by what I said first of all. Well yes, I have, but you will have to wait until the next blog post for now, hehe.

Mrs P

Here is a little Video I did of our week hope you enjoy x 

Monday, 14 March 2016

February Look Over

Well I am not sure where February has gone, it seemed to fly past in a blink of an eye. As it's February it's been Valentine's Day, but one better than that it has been our 7th wedding Anniversary fifth days after Valentine's Day on the 19th February.

So did I to do my February goals?
I didn't really set myself any as life is going OK at the moment, and I am happy with it.  I have carried on helping Little Miss P with her school work and reading, the only thing I didn't do is get ahead of my YouTube videos.

Did I make the most of February?
Well no, it seemed to go by really fast and I'm not sure where it went. I think March will be the same, I hope not though.

What happened in February?
We had a lovely meal out at Zizzi for our wedding Anniversary in Bluewater. It was my mum's birthday on the 25th but we didn't get to see her as she was having a holiday in the sun with her friend. And little one stayed at Nanny's house one night.

What would I change about February?
Not much

My Aim for March

Have lots of fun with my family,  start planning our Holiday in more detail and make sure I have all the clothes I need ready for mid April. Take time out and read a book not just listen to one, actually read one and have it in my hand. Try and get ahead of my YouTube videos and not film them the day before.

If you fancy looking back at my other look overs from this year, here are the links 

2016 goals

Mrs P

Here is a little video that Little miss P did for you all 
why not take a look thank you. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Disney Stationery

I popped in to Clintons the other day in Bluewater and they have some lovely new bits of stationery. First is this very cute notepad with Minnie Mouse all over it (which I would like to buy) and a lovely pencil case to match. It's so cute but I don't need any more pads. This one I might need to put away for when I need one. They also do it in Micky Mouse .that it also very cute. 

This one is cute too, a lovely notepad with Mickey Mouse covering his mouth with his hands and a lovely red dots mug, 

I should have got the prices of them but the shop was closing.
I want to buy all of these but I don't think my hubby would let me.

The last photo of these for now is this lovely tote bag with Minnie Mouse on it, saying 'Oh My' in bright yellow. This is one that I really want. How cute would it be when I put my Tesco shopping in it, hehe. Last thing is a Minnie Mouse notepad in yellow too.

So if you want any of this I would pop down to Clintons as I think it will sell fast.

Mrs P

Monday, 7 March 2016

Helping with School Work

I will always try and help Little Miss P with her homework but I not going to lie, sometimes it really annoys me that she brings it home, shows me it and says 'we haven't learnt this in school yet'. I am not sure how true that is, but why would they give her homework if she hasn't learnt it yet?

I sometimes think to myself that she might have fallen asleep in her class and missed that bit of the lesson or something, as her mind is blank when I talk to her about it. It mainly happens with her maths homework, not so much the English homework.

I really like the way they do the English homework, it's a guide of 12 tasks that they have to do throughout the school term. The first row is an easy one for when you have busy weekends, the next row is a a bit harder and the last row is the very hard ones that will take a bit of time. The grid is stuck into her book so I have taken a photo of it on my phone, so I will always have it on me to start the next one a little bit early, as they have to hand in their books on Wednesdays. The don't get it back until Friday so it's really hard to start it early especially when we have a really busy weekend (like going to Center Parcs).

I always write the date next to the ones we have already done, one reason is for me not to do the same one twice, and the other reason is for the teacher to see when we have done it. I enjoy helping her with her English ones as they seem to be interesting at the moment, all about China and the author Dawn CaseyI don't know the author but Little Miss P seems to like her.

I will keep you up-to-date with her homework and how she is doing.


Mrs P

Here is a little video of mine  hope you enjoy 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Yes Please By Amy Poehler

First thing I need to say, she is so funny, inspiring & wise and this book is written with honest views on her life.  It wasn't the best autobiography I have ever read, but it was the funniest one I have read. It starts off with her quiet upbringing in Boston, her years of improv and training, to her success on Saturday Night Live and Parks & Recreation. She delves into all areas of life, offering up stories about motherhood and working to achieve your goals.

I haven't really heard of Amy Poehler before reading this book, but so many people said what a great read this book is so I had to read it and am so glad I did.


Mrs P

Here is a little video from Little Miss P