Monday, 14 March 2016

February Look Over

Well I am not sure where February has gone, it seemed to fly past in a blink of an eye. As it's February it's been Valentine's Day, but one better than that it has been our 7th wedding Anniversary fifth days after Valentine's Day on the 19th February.

So did I to do my February goals?
I didn't really set myself any as life is going OK at the moment, and I am happy with it.  I have carried on helping Little Miss P with her school work and reading, the only thing I didn't do is get ahead of my YouTube videos.

Did I make the most of February?
Well no, it seemed to go by really fast and I'm not sure where it went. I think March will be the same, I hope not though.

What happened in February?
We had a lovely meal out at Zizzi for our wedding Anniversary in Bluewater. It was my mum's birthday on the 25th but we didn't get to see her as she was having a holiday in the sun with her friend. And little one stayed at Nanny's house one night.

What would I change about February?
Not much

My Aim for March

Have lots of fun with my family,  start planning our Holiday in more detail and make sure I have all the clothes I need ready for mid April. Take time out and read a book not just listen to one, actually read one and have it in my hand. Try and get ahead of my YouTube videos and not film them the day before.

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  1. February was such a busy month for me, I spent almost every weekend traveling abroad so I am hoping for a calm March

  2. Good luck with your goals! If you're looking to read, I can't put Gone Girl down at the moment so I would 100% recommend!