Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Lookover

So did I to do my March goals?
Well yes for some of them and no for some of them. I started planning our Holiday and I think I have all the clothes. I didn't read any books and I am ahead on my YouTube, woohoo, so out of the three I did two of them, so I don't think I did too badly.

Did I make the most of March?
Well no I think I will always say that though. I have big plans for each of the months but it never happens.  Things just get in the way or I just can't be asked in the end.

What happened in March?
It was Mother's Day and I got treated to a lovely Yankee easy melt cup warmer and got made a lovely dinner and some cakes.  I got to see Little Miss P in the Royal Albert Hall and that was a proud mummy moment. It has also been my father in law, my cousins Joshua and Zachery's birthdays, and just getting ready for our little trip.

What would I change about March?
Not much as I think it was ok. It hasn't be the best month but it's been ok.

My Aim for April
Enjoy my family, take lots more photos as that is what I enjoy, help Little Miss P with her spelling and just enjoy life a bit more.

Mrs P

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