Thursday, 24 March 2016

Yankee Easy Meltcup Warmer

It doesn't look like much but this Yankee Easy Meltcup is great, I love it.
It has no flame so is a lot safer when you have kids around. It's so easy, you just place a Scenterpiece Easy Meltcup in the warmer and turn on to enjoy hours of your fragrance.

It's easy to change and is quick and mess free, all you have to do is remove the cup and put another one in. So simple. At the moment I have Vanilla Cupcake cake in it and it is my favourite one.

I am so thankful for this as I got it for Mother's Day from Little Miss P and Mr P, they know me so well. At the moment I have this sitting on my desk in the study. I need to buy some more so will get some more from Clintons... I think they are £4.99 for each melt, which is cheaper than getting a new large candle.

I think next I would go and buy a fresh linen one like Clean Cotton, or the smell when you go outside on a lovely fresh day.

Mrs P

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  1. These sounds brilliant! I don't think I've come across them in my local Yankee shop though. I'll have to ask next time I'm in. Clean Cotton would be a great choice for next time - it's one of my favs!


  2. That sounds so nice! I love candles but I have a cat who is always very curious and likes to go by the flame, so this would definitely be a good solution to the curious cat problem!

    Ree xx | Coffee with Ree