Thursday, 28 April 2016

Canada Part Two

Yes this is the second part of our little trip to Canada. We stayed at the Allen/Crooks for a few days and then we went on a car journey to other parts of Canada. Our first drive and stop was  Quebec for one night. And Quebec City I wish I had stayed longer in it. It is a beautiful city mainly French speaking though. But most people we spoke to spoke perfectly fine English. We had a walk around and it reminded me of an oldie type place, all the buildings look old and rustic. It is just a very beautiful place. Next time we adventure to Canada this will be one of the places that I would love to spend longer in.

Next up was spending a few days in Montréal. Our hotel wasn't the best one that I've been in but it did the job. A little bit upset with them as we did book a family room where we could all stay in but they were renovating and we didn't get told about it. So we had two separate rooms which were next door to each other. I have to say Montréal isn't really a pretty place. For a day out we ended up going to where they hosted the Olympics as it's now turned into tropical gardens (it was like the Eden Project). They had otters, penguins and beavers there.

That was really a nice fun day out and I really enjoyed it and so did the kids and that's what counts. Little Miss P and Tiny Allen had some lovely times. Seeing them play with each other was nice and it was great that they got to see each other at this age. But tiny Allen doesn't like his photo taken so I didn't get many photos of him.

On the last day we went to IKEA. I know, it's slightly odd but Allen/Crooks don't have an IKEA anyway near them and they wanted to pop in and get a few things. We didn't mind as we got a nice (cheap) lunch there. And the kids do like to run around there in all the different rooms. Little Miss P even got some ideas for her room for when we decorate it later on in the year.

After that we got dropped off at Montréal Airport. We said our goodbyes to them and went through security. I was glad we saw them and I hope to pop back to Canada sometime soon. Maybe in the next two years or so.

Mrs P

A little video for you all to watch

Monday, 25 April 2016

What's in my Plane bag

It's been so long since I've been on a plane, especially a long haul flight. The last time I was on a long flight was when I was 16, so I put everything I wanted in my bag even things that I actually probably didn't need. 

Well let's start and talk about the bag that I took with me, it's this cute Disney Alice in Wonderland bag from Primark. It's a backpack type one and feels great to wear. It has a small compartment at the front and another small compartment inside the bag where I can put my phone and a few pens.

So let's get the important things out the way that I needed to take with me. Three passports, mine, Mr P's and Little Miss P's, all the documents to do with the hotels, flights and other bits like that. Now that's all the stuff that I needed to take with me on the plane, what about the things just for pure pleasure...

My phone because I wanted to use it at the airport and when we get off the plane. I didn't use it at all on the plane though. Two magazines; I did read these on the plane and I just left them there for who ever wanted them next. Headphones, yes I need my headphones to watch the films on the plane I have to say there were some pretty good films on there. My diary, I've planned to write on the plane but I didn't so this is on the things that I didn't really need to take. Lip balm as my sister advised me to take this as my lips would get dry on the plane. Body wipes, which I picked up from Primark and that we used as a family. We all used them just to wipe ourselves down halfway through the flight, especially good if you are feeling a bit sticky, hot and uncomfortable. I didn't need such a big pack but I'm glad I had them.

Once we got through security I picked a few sweets to suck on the way up and down a bottle of water for the flights, even though the amount of drinks we got on the plane we didn't actually need the water. I also picked up a pack of tissues as you never know when you're going to need them.

That's all I really put in my plane bag, the only thing I wouldn't take again would be the dairy.

Mrs P

Thursday, 21 April 2016

We made it to Canada!

Yes, we made it to Canada, after an early start at 5am and a long 6 hours on the plane, we made it all in one peace. We got through security and got our bags, walked through arrivals and the Canadian family was there to meet us. Except one of them, the little Canadian, who was at his nan's house as it would have been a really long day for him as he is only three years' old.

  We all hugged each other and experienced our first Tim Hortons, it's like the Starbucks of Canada. We did have lots of them while we where in Canada, it was another 4 hours until we got back to their house (where we were staying) by which time we were very tired. We picked up little Canadian along the way. He was so lovely and wasn't shy at all, he tried talking to Summer but she wasn't having any of it as she was away with the fairies in her sleep. I think we made it back to their house at about 8.30am their time so for us it felt like midnight. We stayed up with them for a little bit but I really needed my sleep so didn't last long.

Come back for some more holiday blogs soon.

Monday, 18 April 2016

First time on a plane

So if you read this all the time then great and you know that I have been planning a little holiday, well it's not a little holiday. It was kind of a big holiday, a two week holiday over Easter. A week in Canada to see my lovely family and a week in Disney with the just the three of us.

I have done some of that in my previous post, but this is all about Little Miss P and her first time on a plane. She was so nervous about it but we tried our best to tell her what it would be like and what happens. The day we went we got up at 5am and got picked up at 5.30am by my mum who drove us to Heathrow Airport. We had breakfast at the Wetherspoon pub that overlooked the planes taking off. So we saw them taking off and some landing, which I think was good for her. As we walked to the plane she said to us that she was very nervous and when we were going up and on the runway she got both my and Mr P's hands and put them on her lap. But there was no need to worry as she loved it going up on the plane. I think I ended up being more nervous than she was in the end.
During the flight she was fine and then she got bored of it, it was six hours, so she did do pretty well.
She watched two films and played on her Hudl for a bit. The meal she got was brilliant for her, chicken nuggets, smiley faces, peas, sweetcorn a KitKat and an apple juice.

On the way down it was a different matter though, she hated it but she didn't cry. She was just upset that her ears hurt... And they actually probably did, so she was glad when we got down to the ground.

So overall my first flight with Little Miss P was that she did brilliantly and she has become a little pro at it.

Mrs P

Here is The Video of Little Miss P first time on the plane 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Motivational Part Two

As I said in my last blog post Motivational Part One, I would tell you what I have been doing differently to get motivated. Well to tell you the truth not that much... well it might not seem much to you but for me it is, it is only small things but they mean so much to me.

First of all I now pick up the phone and ring people, I used to hate ringing companies and anyone really. I thought I would sound stupid and feel like I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. But then one day I was like 'They can't see me and if I sound like I don't have a clue about what they are talking about, who cares?'. So now I will ring people (like John Lewis as our telly decided it wanted to break on us and I had to ring them for them to come and fix it).

I am now an Avon Rep, yes I am having ago being an Avon Girl. I still need to be a bit braver and ask other people if they want to look at it as all they can say is no. And the extra money I earn can go towards a nice little treat.

I applied for a job and got it, yes it's only a little job for two hours a day but I am enjoying it.

Also I do YouTube now. I am not great at it, anything but, but I kind of enjoy it and it's a challenge for me, that's the bit I like about it. And Little Miss P asked me to so I said I would do it for a year, so here I am.

I will keep you updated throughout the year and let you know how well I do.

Mrs P