Thursday, 28 April 2016

Canada Part Two

Yes this is the second part of our little trip to Canada. We stayed at the Allen/Crooks for a few days and then we went on a car journey to other parts of Canada. Our first drive and stop was  Quebec for one night. And Quebec City I wish I had stayed longer in it. It is a beautiful city mainly French speaking though. But most people we spoke to spoke perfectly fine English. We had a walk around and it reminded me of an oldie type place, all the buildings look old and rustic. It is just a very beautiful place. Next time we adventure to Canada this will be one of the places that I would love to spend longer in.

Next up was spending a few days in Montréal. Our hotel wasn't the best one that I've been in but it did the job. A little bit upset with them as we did book a family room where we could all stay in but they were renovating and we didn't get told about it. So we had two separate rooms which were next door to each other. I have to say Montréal isn't really a pretty place. For a day out we ended up going to where they hosted the Olympics as it's now turned into tropical gardens (it was like the Eden Project). They had otters, penguins and beavers there.

That was really a nice fun day out and I really enjoyed it and so did the kids and that's what counts. Little Miss P and Tiny Allen had some lovely times. Seeing them play with each other was nice and it was great that they got to see each other at this age. But tiny Allen doesn't like his photo taken so I didn't get many photos of him.

On the last day we went to IKEA. I know, it's slightly odd but Allen/Crooks don't have an IKEA anyway near them and they wanted to pop in and get a few things. We didn't mind as we got a nice (cheap) lunch there. And the kids do like to run around there in all the different rooms. Little Miss P even got some ideas for her room for when we decorate it later on in the year.

After that we got dropped off at Montréal Airport. We said our goodbyes to them and went through security. I was glad we saw them and I hope to pop back to Canada sometime soon. Maybe in the next two years or so.

Mrs P

A little video for you all to watch


  1. awwww lovely :) I have been to Canada once but I need to go back at some point x

  2. Soooo glad to have caught the second part of your adventures. Looks like you are having a fab time in the snow ⛄

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x