Monday, 18 April 2016

First time on a plane

So if you read this all the time then great and you know that I have been planning a little holiday, well it's not a little holiday. It was kind of a big holiday, a two week holiday over Easter. A week in Canada to see my lovely family and a week in Disney with the just the three of us.

I have done some of that in my previous post, but this is all about Little Miss P and her first time on a plane. She was so nervous about it but we tried our best to tell her what it would be like and what happens. The day we went we got up at 5am and got picked up at 5.30am by my mum who drove us to Heathrow Airport. We had breakfast at the Wetherspoon pub that overlooked the planes taking off. So we saw them taking off and some landing, which I think was good for her. As we walked to the plane she said to us that she was very nervous and when we were going up and on the runway she got both my and Mr P's hands and put them on her lap. But there was no need to worry as she loved it going up on the plane. I think I ended up being more nervous than she was in the end.
During the flight she was fine and then she got bored of it, it was six hours, so she did do pretty well.
She watched two films and played on her Hudl for a bit. The meal she got was brilliant for her, chicken nuggets, smiley faces, peas, sweetcorn a KitKat and an apple juice.

On the way down it was a different matter though, she hated it but she didn't cry. She was just upset that her ears hurt... And they actually probably did, so she was glad when we got down to the ground.

So overall my first flight with Little Miss P was that she did brilliantly and she has become a little pro at it.

Mrs P

Here is The Video of Little Miss P first time on the plane 


  1. I am not the best flyer, it plays havoc with my ears and I am usually in agony for days after!

  2. I remember being so nervous to take off on a plane, but once we were in the air I completely forgot about it, I think it's just the instinct of it being unnatural.