Monday, 25 April 2016

What's in my Plane bag

It's been so long since I've been on a plane, especially a long haul flight. The last time I was on a long flight was when I was 16, so I put everything I wanted in my bag even things that I actually probably didn't need. 

Well let's start and talk about the bag that I took with me, it's this cute Disney Alice in Wonderland bag from Primark. It's a backpack type one and feels great to wear. It has a small compartment at the front and another small compartment inside the bag where I can put my phone and a few pens.

So let's get the important things out the way that I needed to take with me. Three passports, mine, Mr P's and Little Miss P's, all the documents to do with the hotels, flights and other bits like that. Now that's all the stuff that I needed to take with me on the plane, what about the things just for pure pleasure...

My phone because I wanted to use it at the airport and when we get off the plane. I didn't use it at all on the plane though. Two magazines; I did read these on the plane and I just left them there for who ever wanted them next. Headphones, yes I need my headphones to watch the films on the plane I have to say there were some pretty good films on there. My diary, I've planned to write on the plane but I didn't so this is on the things that I didn't really need to take. Lip balm as my sister advised me to take this as my lips would get dry on the plane. Body wipes, which I picked up from Primark and that we used as a family. We all used them just to wipe ourselves down halfway through the flight, especially good if you are feeling a bit sticky, hot and uncomfortable. I didn't need such a big pack but I'm glad I had them.

Once we got through security I picked a few sweets to suck on the way up and down a bottle of water for the flights, even though the amount of drinks we got on the plane we didn't actually need the water. I also picked up a pack of tissues as you never know when you're going to need them.

That's all I really put in my plane bag, the only thing I wouldn't take again would be the dairy.

Mrs P

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  1. These are good suggestions for the airplane bag - I take a small bottle of toner too as my skin dries out terribly on the plane.