Thursday, 5 May 2016

April Lookover

So did I to do my April goals?
I can say 100% yes to this one we have had some great family time and Little Miss P is getting better at her spelling 

Did I make the most of April?
Yes for the most of it as I knew it would be a fun filled first two weeks, then the rest of it was getting back to normal

What happened in April?
Well April you have been good to me and my little family. At the start of you we said goodbye to our family in Canada, that was the worst bit. But we said hello to Disney World. I have been planning this trip from when Summer was a baby. It's been my dream to take her at this age when she still sees the magic from a little girl's point of view.  I have had so much fun in that week and a Magical time with my family. I would go every year if I could.

But then we came back to earth and had to come home, back to work and school for all of us. It was a sad time and a week after I got the holiday blues, still have a little bit. But going back to work helps us pay for our trip. Mr P has been busy with shows with only one day home in the evening. And I've also had some first aid training for my job (always a good one for the CV!).

What would I change about April?
Other then stay in Disney for longer? No, April has been good for me and I wouldn't change it for anything.

My Aim for May
Truth be told I am not sure. I would love to be able to get ahead of my blogs and YouTube, try and earn some money from my blog, YouTube etc. and work hard on getting them known more. My aim is for all the money that I earn on here to go towards the next Disney trip.

Mrs P

Here is a little video about some of our Canadian Trip 


  1. Your April sounds amazing - who could resist a trip to Disneyworld!

  2. Seems like you a great month. I would love to go away to Disney World!