Monday, 9 May 2016

We're at Disney

Yes we have made it to Disney World after spending the night in the Hilton which was lovely and wish I could have spent a little bit more time there as it was a great room and I loved it.

Back to Disney. We got dropped off at the Disney Express to catch it to the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort. We got there and checked in and got our magic bands. Our room wasn't ready yet so they took our bags for us so we could go and play in the parks and of course the first park we went to was Magic Kingdom. I will do a more detailed post on what I thought of each park.

The first thing that I wanted to do - well what I wanted Little Miss P to see - was Cinderella's Castle, as to me that's the wow factor that allows you to start to believe that you are in the most magical place in the world.

We were all very tired when we turned up but very excited. I had booked a few rides to go on with fast pass so we used them. I picked some nice calm rides just to get Little Miss P into the swing of things as she takes her time getting into things like this.

I would have loved to know what was going on in her little mind when we got there. But I don't think I will ever find out.


Mrs P


  1. How exciting! We're going to Disney World in September and I can't wait for my daughter to see Cinderella's castle either! Enjoy your holiday.

  2. The thing I love about disney world is that its magical no matter what age you are! I hope you have a lovely holiday x