Thursday, 26 May 2016

Woburn Fun

Woburn Safari Park - we go here every year when Summer has a day off school during this week, as it's less busy. I know some people hate Zoos, but I think as long as they look after the animals well it's a good thing to be able to study them and if they are becoming extinct to keep the animal going.

The main attraction at this park is the road Safari where you drive with Lions and Tigers, Bears, White Rhino, Zebra and other animals. I really like driving in the Monkey bit, they had some cute baby monkeys playing round and jumping all over each other.

They have a foot Safari for Meerkats, Porcupines, Mongoose, Elephants, lots of Birds, Sealions and lots of other animals.

I have written about Woburn so many times on my blog so I thought this will be it for now and I will leave you with some of the photos I took instead.

Mrs P

Here is a small Disney Vlog. 

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