Monday, 27 June 2016

England is Divided

I am not going to say much about it really but I am going to say a few things that are controversial, so if you don't want to read it please don't.

Well it looks like that the UK has voted out and everyone seems to have gone a little crazy. So some people are in good mood (if you voted in) and some people have got in a really bad mood (if you voted out).

I think people on Facebook should stop being so rude and digging at each other. If the UK want to survive breaking out from the EU we have to work together to get the best deals.

That's one thing about politics, they just moan at each other and don't get things done, they act like kids wanting to get their own way and not think about anything else other if they are right or not. But I don't think that will change at all.

I think that people forget that we all apart of the same world and that we have to live with each other... moaning all the time will not help and putting it on Facebook it just a little bit pathetic.

I would ask what does everyone else think, but that could just cause an argument.
I have had my little moan now.

Make sure you enjoy your family and make the most of what you have. Just be happy and everything happens for a reason. So no need to stress out.

Mrs P

Here is a little weekend Vlog I did With Little Miss P 

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  1. I agree! I hate this awful divide :( I'm avoiding Facebook! We should all be sticking together, especially at a time like this.
    Great post, thank you for sharing. xx

    (Thank you for the comment on my blog, I replied. I'm now following your blog)