Thursday, 30 June 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

With all the talk about the EU and everyone being mean to each other about how they voted I thought I would do a Reasons to be Cheerful post. I don't normally do this type but I enjoy doing them so you may see more of these.

I will tell you five things that make me cheerful...

1)  My little family. We are all healthy and all working hard to make the best of what's going on in our lives. We try and eat together when we can. I get to hear my daughter read to me every night and we get to have family walks around the woods.

2) I am getting good at making bows. It all started off with Little Miss P asking for a bow like one of the girls from dancing. I looked online and how much they were and I got a bit of a shock at the price and thought I could make one myself. So I did and now a few of her friends and have asked me to make them one too.

3) Little Miss P is doing so well with her reading. She finds it a bit hard, but at school she is reading to someone everyday and it has helped her out so much, reading to someone different. I need her to read to more people other than me as it seems to help her. Also she has gone up a reading level.

4) The sun is out (26th June) just in case it's raining when you read this). It has been mean weather with lighting and lots of rain recently, but today it's been lovely with a little bit of a wind. Lovely.

5) I finally have my wedding photos on a disc. It's been a while (8ish years) and we had not got them , but now we have. All I have to do is work out which ones I want for my album.

If you're feeling down why don't you do one of these, it will make you feel better.

Mrs P

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