Thursday, 14 July 2016

Only Three Days Left at School

Little Miss P only has three days left in year three and then she's off to year four.
Where has the time gone?
I thought I would do a post to see how much she has come on in the last school year.

Well I think she has come on a lot, her reading has got a lot better, the flow, her sounding out, difficult words... it seems to have just happened over the last three weeks and I think that's down to the one-on-one reading help that she's been having. I am not sure what reading scheme the school does but after they read a book they have to do a test on it on the computer. Then if that gets so many right they can go up a level. At the moment she's on blue, if that means anything to anyone.

Her writing is looking nice and neat now but she needs work on her spelling. So my aim is to do that over the summer holiday. With maths I think she's doing OK and she's about the right level that she needs to be at I think. As long as you can count, add and takeaway and know most of your times times your're doing alright, as that's what we really use in day-to-day life. I don't think Little Miss P wants to be a mathematician.

I think Little Miss P still needs to work on her confidence, she has a few friends at school but really she only plays with one of them and that's her best friend. I would like her to play with other kids other than just one of them. I wish they did encourage that in school but they don't.

I think overall she has had a great time in year three and has really enjoyed her time at school. It helps that she likes her teacher who she will miss. Just hope she likes her next teacher.

Mrs P

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  1. Good for her on finishing her year and you for wanting to help her succeed and grow!