Thursday, 28 July 2016

School Report

The General Comment
As always the teachers has put it's been a pleasure having Summer in the class, and that she's a popular member of the class who gets on with all of her peers. Summer is very thoughtful and caring and will always go above and beyond to help her peers and teachers. She spends her breaks and lunch with her best friend.

She has made good progress throughout the year and is always eager to learn and impress others, but can sometimes lack confidence in work and needs reassuring. She enjoyed taking part in Choir and going to the Royal Albert Hall.

It's absolutely great, she only missed half a day of school throughout the whole year.

Before the next bit I will have to explain something first. You can get Emerging, Expected or Exceeding and you can get from A - C for Effort.
I know that Little Miss P needs to work on her English and Maths skills.

Emerging - Effort A

She has made less than expected progress this year in writing and is working below the expectation for her year group.  Her Target for over the summer is to check some spellings and punctuation errors.

Emerging - Effort A 

She could have made more progress this year and is currently working below the expectation for her age group. She can identify different themes in a range of books she reads and she knows a character set in a certain way because of how they are feeling. Her Target for the summer is to be aware that some words sound different to how they are spelt.

With Reading at her school they are put into groups by with reading a book then going to a computer and doing a test on the book they have just read. My problem with this is that some children do better on paper and not a computer and some children don't do well at tests. If she is anything like me I hated tests and always mucked them up.

Emerging - Effort  A

She could have made more progress in mathematics and is below the expectation for her year group. She can count in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 and is able to find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number when working with money and measures. She can rapidly add and subtract numbers mentally including questions such as 762-7. Target, to find a fraction (such as 2/5 or 3/4 of a set of objects).

In Maths they are put again into groups by tests that happen every Monday morning. I think it's a mental maths test by a computer saying the questions and it's normally out of 15. Little Miss P tells me she normally gets 10 right, I don't think that's too bad really.

Expected - Effort A

She seems to enjoy Science and will mostly put her hand up to answer a question even if she's not 100% sure. She is always eager to learn more about science and has shown good progression by nearly always getting a higher mark in her end of term unit test.

These are the main subjects. All the other subjects I will put in a different blog post.

Mrs P

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