Tuesday, 16 August 2016

10 places I would love to visit

There are so many countries in the world that I would love to visit. But here are the top 10 for you...

1) Reykavik (Iceland) 
I really want to go due to the fact that I might be able to see the northern lights, it seems like a lovely country to visit as well even if it is very cold. And I am not good in the cold. I love the idea of the log cabins and open fires with a hot chocolate in the evening and in the daytime having a husky ride and maybe a helicopter ride to look at the glaciers.

2) New York 
I would love to go to New York for the shopping and to experience just walking around all the buildings. Having a horse and cart ride around Central Park would be great. And obviously having to go to the Tiffany building and maybe picking up a cute pair of new earrings.

3) Las Vegas
I'm not a gambling person, the only reason why I would love to visit Las Vegas is to just see if it's really like the movies and see what people say, see all the hotels and go to watch a few shows. This holiday would just be for the pure extravagance of it.

This looks like a beautiful city with its canals. They say you can walk around Amsterdam and always be amazed.

5) Sorrento (Italy)
I would love to go to Italy for ice cream and pizza, but Sorrento has caught my eye being a coastal town. It's perched on top of cliffs so it must have great views from your hotel rooms. And they seem to get nice weather all year round.

6) Hawaii
Hawaii is made up of small islands in the Pacific. It is known for its rugged landscape and waterfalls with gold beaches. I can feel myself going for a week just to chill out and do absolutely nothing other than drink some cocktails sitting in the sun and maybe have a splash in the sea.

7)  Queensland (Australia)
I would love to go to the world's largest coral reef the Great Barrier Reef just for the size of it. I would love to go snorkelling there, I think it would be amazing.

8) Yellowstone (USA)
I think this would be an amazing place to go for walks and see the hot springs in the Verdant forest. It is an unspoiled natural beauty. And maybe see a bear or two.

9) Grand Canyon (USA)
I think everyone knows what the Grand Canyon is by now, how amazing would it be to get a helicopter ride to see the scale of it.

10) Quebec (Canada)
Ok I have been to Quebec for a few hours when we were driving through it. I didn't realise how pretty it was but if I have known I would have stayed there longer. It's an old city with lots of hidden gems that you will need to just go and find.

Mrs P

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