Saturday, 27 August 2016

Chores for my Daughter

I remember when I was younger I had chores to do with my two other sisters and brother. It may have been only helping with the washing up and putting my clothes away. But I had to do them to get any treats.

I was talking to a few mum friends of mine and asked them if they have any chores for their children. All of them said no. I was a little taken back by this as for one they are 8 now and two I do for Little Miss P.  I was thinking am I asking her to do too much or am I just getting her ready for life.

So I thought I would put down what her chores are and just see.

1) She can put a load of washing on so that means putting the clothes in then putting the tablets and fabric softener in and turn it on.

2) She puts her own clothes away. Once I have folded them up or put them on a hanger she has to get them and put them away or I put them on her bed and off she goes.

3) The last thing is that she helps me take the recycling out to the recycling bins.

It's not a bad start, I think it's good and it is getting her ready for life.

Mrs P

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