Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cosmos Dinner

The other night I had a lovely work night out to Comsos for a lovely dinner. I have never been there before but everyone who has been there said how nice it is and that you can eat anything you like from Indian, to Chinese, to roast dinner. It's basically a glorified buffet.

We booked a table as it gets very busy throughout the day and you have to eat in 1 hour and 45 mins then they kick you out.

My first impression is that it's very open and very big. You don't feel like everyone is on top of you, they show you to your seats and take your drink orders and the drinks is where they make their money. After that you just go up and grab your food, it's a lot to take in first of all so I walked around to see what I could have. But I went right back to the duck and pancakes, they are so nice and I also tried the Butter Chicken but it was a little too hot for me... but the rice was lovely. I didn't get to try much more as I did have about six of them and then went on to dessert where I got ice cream and had some of the chocolate fountain with marshmallows. They also had little cheesecakes and some tarts that the hubby would have loved.

I would love to go again in a big group or just with my little family as it's lovely food and a nice atmosphere.

Mrs P

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