Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dear So & So

Dear Tesco
I know that I should have checked to see if the leggings I bought my daughter had a tag on, but I thought that when I walked out the shop the door alarm would have gone off. But no, so I didn't find out until I got home and when I went to my local little Tesco they couldn't take it off as they don't sell clothes. Frustrating.

Dear My Face
Why have you decided to come up with a load of teenage spots when you are about to hit the age of 30? Come on! Maybe it's time I book a facial.

Dear the Child that sneezed on me
It was very nice of you to ask me to do up your shoelaces but it would have been great if you hadn't have sneezed in my face. Now I have a full on cold and can't breathe out of my nose and find it hard to sleep at night.

Dear Argos
The trampoline that we got for my and Little Miss P birthdays from the hubby is great but we were missing a lot of parts so it was a bit annoying. But thanks to Charlie we have all the bits now.

Dear Apple charger
I have loved you lots and use you every day. But I am very sad to have to say bye to you as you have now fallen apart on me.

Mrs P

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