Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Happy Birthday Little Miss P

Little Miss P is 8, yes my baby is 8, oh my where has the time gone??

I write this as she is sitting next to me on a Sunday morning watching YouTube, eating dry cereal out of a cup that she went to get herself.

What can I say my about little lady now that she's turned 8 years old and maybe one day will read this back to her older self.

This year you have a been a really good girl, you have had a great year at school and have been working really hard. Your work has improved and it's been great being told by your teachers that your reading is a getting a lot better.

At home you have been good, helping out around the house when you are asked to, working hard at dancing and even by 8 you have legs of steel from all the dancing. The only thing I ask from you is to be a bit more confident. It has come on but I can still see that more of it wants to come out.

For the next year I hope that you still work hard at what you love, carrying on working towards the things you want, and never give up.

Enjoy your birthday.

Mrs P

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