Friday, 5 August 2016

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, woohoo I am 30.

I have hit the big 30. Not entirely sure that it's a woohoo, but it's a woohoo that I have managed to keep myself alive for 30 years and even keep my daughter alive for 8 years (a big pat on the back for me).

Over the past 30 years I have manged to do a few things with my life, well for a start I was born to a lovely mummy who would do anything for my sister and I. I had a crap dad who walked out and I don't really remember him. I have a family full of strong women who have needed to fend for themselves but I think it skipped me that bit. I am not as strong as they are but I haven't had a reason for me to be strong.

At school I really struggled as I found it hard to learn to read and write and I probably have dyslexia  but have never been diagnosed with it. At the time I think the test cost a few hundred pounds. In primary school I had to go out and have extra lessons and in high school for that I got bullied. I had a few close friends at school and two of them I am still friends with to this day who I am very grateful for even though I don't see them much. I had a few boyfriends in school all of them older than me. I don't think I have ever been with someone who is younger them me.

I got my first job working in my friend's dad's shop, a dry cleaners. I can't even remember how old I was now or even how much I got paid, but once I hit 16 I was still working in the dry cleaners and got myself a job in Woolworths while still going to school. In the end I quit the dry cleaners and worked Friday night fills, only until 9pm and then all weekend in Woolworths. I really enjoyed it and that has to be one of the best times but also some hard time, but mainly good and I would not change it for anything. I was working with so many different characters and playing poker in the store (sorry if any of my managers are reading this).  I worked my way up to training assistant manager before the company when into administration. I was only 22 and pregnant with Little Miss P . I also met my other half there when I was 16 so Woolworths has a lot to answer for in my life.

Around the same time as all of that we just bought a house and planned our wedding all within a year or two of each other, I am not sure how I even did it now and how I stayed sane. We brought our little house (not so little really), a lovely three bed with a nice size garden on a lovely little green. I talked to most of my neighbours and if we needed help with anything someone would be able to help us (like the time we came back from holiday and the kitchen was flooded) and the time the hubby drove the neighbour back to the forest as she left her purse on the bench while I looked after her kid. We all try and help each other out and that's one thing that I love about my little green and I am lucky in that way as not all places are like that.

Come back on the 7th for the rest my life story if you fancy it.

Mrs P

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