Sunday, 7 August 2016

Homemade Outside Movie Night

The other afternoon Mr P came up with a great little idea and that was have a movie night outside.
I was like, how are we going to do that, we don't have electricity outside. But Mr P had an idea... first he got three chairs out, unplugged the TV and brought the extension lead out, plugged the TV in, brought the sound system out and put the DVD in the laptop.

He also got the BBQ out then it was Little Miss P's job to get the outside bed ready. She got all the covers from our bed and her bed, all the fleeces from our room and all the cushions from the front room. I have to say that she did a great job and made it really comfortable for us to lay on and chill out on.

We watched The Borrowers, an old film that Mr P and I loved when we were younger and it's the perfect age for Little Miss P to watch (she's 8).

The food we had was lovely, so thank you Mr P. All we had was BBQ chicken, sausages and Mr P had a steak. We also had a corn on the cob and dough balls for starters. I love Dough Balls!!

I would love to do this again at some point but let's see how long our summer lasts as it's the UK and we don't have it for very long at all.

Mrs P

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