Sunday, 21 August 2016

I Always Wanted

I have always wanted to do certain things in my life. This little Blog was one of them and I have wanted to do it so I did and I have stuck with it for over five years. It's a little hobby really, I don't make money from it, it's all just a bit of fun and giving myself something else to do other than being a mum.

But saying that this is the only thing I have stuck with. I have wanted to do lots of things like own my own play area but that will cost way too much money so it's too much of a risk. I wanted to have my own little shop but again it costs too much money to set up. I haven't been saving to do any of these I have just given up. I did do Avon but they kept ringing and when they got things on my order wrong I would have to keep ringing them and tell about five different people about it. It just took the piss in the end.

But I have now turned 30 and am thinking about where I am heading really, it's not a midlife crisis, well I don't think it is. Little Miss P is now older and I have a little job as a midday play leader at my daughter's school so that's a little bit of extra money coming in (about an extra £250 a month). So maybe it's about time I can try and set up something small like my own little online shop and work my way up and not quits. I think I can't do this as I don't have a brain to do this, but I need to just keep going until I make it.

So once Little miss P is back at school I will start working on it. But I will only start with selling a few things on ebay that I don't use anymore to try a get a bit of money for them.

Maybe I will do a monthly little blog on how it's going.

Mrs P

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