Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My 30th Birthday

Well I am now 30 years old, oh my I am not sure what to say about that really other than I don't feel  much different really. Other than when people say how does it feel to be 30 and that I have a lot of cards at home saying 30 on them.

Well what did I do for my birthday? Not much really and I didn't really want to, I feel like that Disney was for my birthday and I really want to go again within the next two years as I enjoyed it so much with my little family.

There was one thing I wanted I to do for my birthday and that was to go to Bluewater to get my sewing machine (that says I have reached middle age) but I did get it in pink and it's very cute. Also made a hairband already so go me (I am getting a little bit distracted as I am writing this watching Little Miss P's dance lesson). So in Bluewater we got my little new baby (sewing machine) and we had a lovely meal at Jamie's Italian that I love as the food is always nice. I also got some cheap fabric that I could practice on until the fabric I ordered comes in the post. I also picked up some lovely doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, well a box of 12 but not all for myself.  Afterwards we went to pop into to my mummy's house to see her as she really wanted me to and my nanna was there too so that's always nice to see her.

I loved not doing much just chilling out with my family and having the hubby off for a week to spend nice time with us. Can't wait until his week off in October even though we have a dance competition to go to at the weekend.

Sorry this is a bit of a random blog post, hehe.

Mrs P

Here is a little video about our week

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