Saturday, 13 August 2016

My Birthday Gifts

I didn't ask for much for my birthday, I only asked for one thing and that was a sewing machine and I got that, I picked it myself. I'll show you all my other things I've got.

  From my mum and stepdad I mainly got money as they didn't know what to get me, so that was great as I can pick up some clothes for myself, or put it into one of my savings accounts until I know want. Some of the gifts that I got from Mr P and Little Miss P were in a hamper full of chocolate! Mainly all my favourite ones, which are Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel and lots of different hot chocolates. They also picked me up some lovely candles that spell out my name. Little Miss P made me my birthday card which I absolutely love, it was such a thoughtful gift.

My sister got me a new Minnie Mouse watch. This will be perfect to take to work with me as I don't have a watch and I should really wear one. My Nanna already gave me my birthday present when we went to Disney World so we could buy nice things there. Which I did.

My Aunt gave me some Amazon vouchers as that's what I asked for from her as there will always be something from Amazon that I would like. I also got lots of other little bits and bobs and am very thankful for everything that I've got.

Mrs P

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