Saturday, 20 August 2016

Old Shows

 I was watching one of my old favourite shows the other day and that got me thinking about all the old shows that I missed when I was teenage, or just shows that's aren't around anymore.

The first show is The O.C. I loved this show and would make sure that I watched it every week when it was on. Maybe it was the beautiful people and seeing what living in the Orange County was like as it looked great and they lived near the beach and all had pools in their gardens. The first few Series were better than the last ones. My favourite character was Summer Roberts and I like her personality in it.

Gossip Girls, it was similar to The O.C. but this time full of beautiful people in New York City. Based on four main characters and one of them writes a blog, but it's not the person who you think it is. They talk about all the people she goes to school with, they party lots, take drugs and drink.

Now for two British TV ones my first one is Hustle. We have the DVD box set and have been watching some off these recently. It's based on a con group that play the long con on people that are greedy. It's not a serious show it's actually funny where they sometimes talk right to the camera and explain the con to you a bit more.

Next up is Hotel Baylon, I love the old cast of this and it is based on the real hotel. Someone who worked at the hotel put it in a book then it got put into a show. Some of the things that made me laugh was them hunting for a gem, one of them getting shot (OK that one was not funny but it was a good one) and the night shift one was just great.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and go and check out these shows.

Mrs P

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