Friday, 26 August 2016

Sunday Dinner

I am a part of a group called Tesco Orchard where I get vouchers in the post to review items and to try them out, leaving comments about them. I don't have to do any blog posts for them and I don't normally do it, but I thought I would as the other half made a lovely meal with it. Well he did with the Gammon.

He made us a lovely roast dinner by cooking the the gammon in coke for a few hours and it makes it really nice & sticky on the outside and a nice texture inside. We had it with parsnip, broccoli & aubergine and it was so lovely.

We all sat at the dinner time on a lovely Sunday afternoon with the doors open and the sun shining. We don't normally get to do that so it was lovely to have some family time on a lovely day.

Mrs P

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