Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tea Party

For my 30th my mum wanted to something nice for me so she threw me a nice 
little tea party at her house with just the girls in my family. My nanna came down as well as my auntie and cousin. It also worked as a nice 8th birthday tea party for Little Miss P too.

My mum got some lovely cupcakes made with 30, 8 and Minnie Mouse heads on. They looked absolutely lovely and too good to eat but of course we did (when do I ever turn down cake). My mum got a lovely table cloth and napkins in the style of Cath Kidston as Little Miss P loves the style and as soon as she walked in and saw it her words were 'Oh wow, Cath Kidston'.

We had scones, cream mini sandwiches, lots of different types of cake and lots of tea. I think we could have fed a small army with the amount of food we had. I ate so much I don't think I could have put any more away. But I did get to bring a goodie bag home for Mr P.

I am very thankful to my mummy for doing it for me, so thank you mummy.

Mrs P

Here is a little Video for the Other week Hope you enjoy. 

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