Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Things I have been loving - August

August is a great time of year for me as it's mine and Little Miss P's birthdays so I have quite a few favourites this month. Well more than four anyway.

1) First up is my new baby, my pink sewing machine - I haven't been playing with it as much as I would like but once Little Miss P is back at school I will be on it most days.

2) Pop Tarts - I got loads of Pop Tarts for my birthday, I mainly got chocolate but also got cookie and cream ones. They are all lovely and I only get Pop Tarts as a special treat as if I eat lots of them I will probably get to the size of a house. 

3) Playdoh - I know this is a bit of a weird one but Little Miss P got some for her birthday and I have been playing it with her and I find it a lot fun, I find it quite therapeutic. I kind of just go into another world. We made a funfair scene and other ones too.

4) My Disney Primark Pumps - They are a lovely grey and  have Mickey Mouse heads all over them and they are so cute and really comfortable. I have worn them most of August as they go with most of my outfits. And I love Disney things.

5) Note Pads - I love writing things down as it keeps me on track with what I need to do on a day-to-day basis. It just helps me keep track on life and the things that I am working towards.

So there you go, my five things that I am loving at the moment.

Mrs P

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