Monday, 15 August 2016

TV for the Moment

I have done a blog post like this before where I talk about the TV shows I am watching at the moment. I don't have the best TV channels like sky, but I have the standard ones.

1) Containment
This is exploring what happens when a mysterious deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta. I like all the main characters in this program especially the characters that are inside the cordon. At the moment they're trying to bring food to cordon but a gang take it all to sell it to people and they have just worked out it might not be what it seems.

2) 2 Broke Girls
I watch this as it's very funny. It's about one posh girl (Caroline) who loses all her money and meets up with poor girl (Max) who has never had money. She moves in with her and they try and survive day by day with lots of rude humour and quick witted comments. They take the piss out of anything.

3) Dragons' Den 
 I love watching this as a family, we all sit and watch this even Little Miss P. If you haven't heard of Dragons' Den before why haven't you, it's a show on BBC2 about five dragons (successful business people) wanting to invest their money in a business, but first you have to pitch your business to them. 

4) Inside the Factory
This is a new show on BBC1 where they take us to look at how our food is made. It may sound boring but it is really interesting. So far I have only seen how to make crisps and half of the baked bean one. It's interesting just to see the process of it all, the machines that they use and how long it takes from start to finish. Who knew that one bag of crisps only takes four hours from the farm to the bag.

Mrs P

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