Thursday, 11 August 2016

Up a Hill

I am not the best walker even though I walk everywhere as I don't drive, and I don't mind going for the odd walk around a nice lake or the forest.

 We ended up going to Devon to see my sister in law and her family and as they live on the western border of Dartmoor we went on the moors. Mr P fancied going for a nice long walk up a very big hill, my first thought was oh my hell, what is he thinking that walk is going to kill me let alone we had Little Miss P with us, how were we going to tackle that. It was over big rocks and over a little stream. But as Mr P wanted to do it I would give it a go so Little Miss P and I started the walk behind Mr P.

It was ok at first even though the top didn't seem like it was getting closer and it was a small incline. But the higher we got the steeper it got and at this point Little Miss P was jumping all over the rocks pretending to be super girl. By now it was very rocky to the point where my foot got stuck between two rocks and I feel flat on my back (Mr P said he thought the ground had swallowed me up). Little Miss P came to help me up at which point I just wanted to go back down and not even think about going on anymore but Little Miss P and Mr P were enjoying it and I didn't want to stop them.

I think I fell over one more time before we got to the top, where Little Miss P and Mr P didn't (I told you I was bad at walking) and by the time I got to the top I was tired. But looking down I was very proud of myself for doing it and enjoyed the view, I think someone said it was 538 metres above sea level.

Now it was time to get going back down. It was a lot easier and altogether it took about 3 hours. I was glad to get back for a cup of tea and put my feet to rest. 

Mrs P

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