Monday, 19 September 2016

Starting the Fun - Business #1

If you are reading this blog post and haven't read what I've always wanted then go and check that one out first as you might understand more.

So I have been thinking about things to sell on eBay and I have made a bit of money, not much only about £10. I have bought some fabric with that money that I have then sold on and that seems to be working so far, so I have bought some more. At the moment I am -£0.13 but that's due to me waiting for some fabric to come in the post to sell on. I missed the delivery so it's now waiting for me to pick it up at the post office.

I have found a website for creating online shops for free called freewebstore that my sister-in-law uses for her website Little Dolly Clothes Shop. She seems to be doing well with it and she's great at sewing, so that is perfect for her.

I don't want to make loads and loads of money (well it would be nice but not a need), it's just to live a happy and comfortable life where the hubby and I can take the summer holidays off and go travelling as a family... that would be great (even if it's just a dream at the moment).

I will let you know how the next month goes in the next business blog.

Mrs P

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