Monday, 10 October 2016

Business #2

19th August - 19th September

21st August
So I have got some of the Fabric that I have been waiting for for a while. One bit of I got on the 20th August, I always get two lots, one to sell on and one for me to practice my sewing on. I got the Chip and Mrs Pots fabric & Dumbo fabric.
So I put them on eBay then went out for the day and by the time I came back it had already sold, well the Chip and Mrs Pots one has, so I will need to get some more of that Fabric.

24th August

I sold some more Chip and Mrs Pots fabric and a set of Avon Trendy toes that I got for myself but have never used. I over-estimated the postage on some of them so I hope I don't get bad feedback. I have been looking at a few wholesalers that I would like for the website and I have found about five that I really like the look of.

6th September
Got some lovely new fabric in the post that I will be putting on eBay soon. I have also sold some lovely Dumbo Fabric that is very cute.

11th September 
It's been an good weekend for sales, I have sold two lots of Tsum Tsum fabric and I have finally sold the Love Dance Resin. Not sure if I will get any more of the Love Dance Resin. I think I might see what other Resin they have.

16th September
I keep having Shipping Centre try and buy some things off me but I have read so many bad reviews on them so I have to keep emailing them and saying that I will not sell to them,  And it's a certain bit of fabric all the time. I have sold some Nail Gems that I haven't used, only for £1 but it's better than them sitting around the house.

19th September
So it has seemed to slow down as I haven't really had many sales in the last few days and I am still waiting for a few fabric deliveries.


Mrs P

Here is a little Video about about our Center Paces Trip Hope you like it.

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