Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hello Autumn

Autumn is here and I have to say it's one one my best times of year where you can wear your nice cosy PJs, have the candles on and sit under a blanket with the hubby and Little Miss P watching a film together. And I can't forget the hot coco.

It also means that it's nearly Christmas so that I means I can start Christmas shopping. I have already started but it's the time of year where the shops are getting their Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts in. I really love the decorations in the Disney Store but that's because I love everything Disney (I am a big kid at heart). I have seen people do an Autumn bucket list and I love the idea of that. I would like to work on it with Little Miss P and have a joint one with her, or a family one. That would be great.

The only thing I don't like about Autumn is that the nights get dark very quick and soon we will be walking home from dancing in the dark and I am not a great fan of that.

The only few things that I will miss about the summertime is spending so much time with Little Miss P and the ice cream.

Come back soon as I will be doing my Autumn Bucket list.

Mrs P

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