Monday, 31 October 2016

Our few days away

We've had a lovely few days away, we went to stay in Mr P's Uncle's chalet, it's only two hours up the A12 in Kessingland. If you don't know where that is it's near Great Yarmouth. It's only a small place but we love it there, you can also see the sea out of the kitchen window. We only went for three days and it was just for us to get away. We have all had a busy month.

The first day we got there we just emptied our bags and chilled out. Little Miss P and Mr P had a little walk to the beach and played in the sea, she came back absolutely soaked of course. But they had fun and that's what counts. The first night we watched the film Brother Bear 2 and we decided to get the sofa bed out and make it really cosy. But then Little Miss P decided she wanted to sleep on it for the three nights we were there.

The first full day we went into Wroxham and met up with Mr P's mum and dad, going on a lovely 2 hour boat ride. We did get a little McDs beforehand to keep us warm. I love the little boats mainly because you get to see some lovely houses on the way past. After that we popped back in the car to go for a nice pub lunch in Ranworth where the food is absolutely fantastic. Then we said bye to Mr P's mum and dad and had a few hours to ourselves walking around a lovely conservation area with a cup of tea. When you come to the end of the walk you come across a floating house that you can go in and watch the birds on the lake and look in the gift shop.

The next day we went into Lowestoft to go to the movies and watch Trolls. That was a great film, it was so funny. I have to say my favourite one was the one covered in glitter and he even pooped glitter. We also did a little bit of shopping for a few things and spent the afternoon back by the beach playing in the water to chill out and then watched our next film.

The rest of the time we just chilled out. I had a lovely time and can't wait to go back next year.

Mrs P

Here is a little video of our chessington world. 

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