Thursday, 24 November 2016

Business #3

   1st October - Things have been really slow it seems to be taking a lot longer to get my orders from China over at the moment. So that means I am not getting as much up on eBay at the moment as I would like but I did get one sale and that was for some fabric, it only sold for £1 but that's still OK.

4th October - Late last night a sale of the rest of the Tsum Tsum fabric sold so now I have no fabric for sale, so I am hoping that the orders will be here soon.

6th October - Got my fabric delivery, which I have put on right away, let's see how long this takes to sell

22nd October - It has been so slow this month that it's a little off putting but I am going to sit tight. I have ordered some more fabric so that will come in the next 3 weeks. I hope that will get things moving as I will have more things to sell.

23rd October - I had an order in which was a lovely Disney Castle fabric, which I love myself and have kept some back for me. Might get some more of this fabric on the next order I do.

25th October - Two orders in two hours and it was only an hour between them. It was two different bits of Chip fabric, one of the sizes was bigger than the other but still a great sale and things have slowly started to pick up, which I like.

29th October - The last of the Chip fabric has gone to one of the same people that bought it before, but I don't mind.

4th November- I have sold my first bit of Ribbon, it was the Christmas Disney Ribbon it is lovely ribbon and I wouldn't have minded keeping it so I may have to get some more on my next order for next year.

6th November - I have sold a little wooden sign that I have never used and never will do
so I put it on for £2 plus delivery and to my surprise it sold.

9th November - I put another bit of fabric that I was going to keep myself but I haven't used it yet and should be getting more in the post soon, so I thought I would put it up and it sold within 3 hours.

12th November - I have some fabric in woohoo and have most of it on eBay already.

15th November - I have sold my first bit of Peter Rabbit fabric but I am surprised that the Chip fabric hasn't sold yet as that went really fast last time.

18th November - So sold some more of the lovely Peter Rabbit fabric which is nice and makes me think I have made the right choice. Also I got another lot of fabric, it's a new Beauty and the Beast one and a My Little Pony one. I will be putting them up for sale next week.

That's it for this business round up. Hope you enjoy these little updates.

Mrs P

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