Monday, 7 November 2016

Telly watching of the moment

I have done a few of these types of blog post before and I enjoy writing them. So I thought I would do another one...

NCIS - Any type of NCIS I love it... The original one where it is just called NCIS, the New Orleans series and LA, the most recent one. I love it because it's got so much action in it as well as the autopsies and working out who murdered who, how the person has been murdered and is it all that it seems. My favourite character out of all of NCIS is Leroy Gibbs.

Humans - This is in its second series on Channel 4, it's about robots that have a conscience. They can think, they can feel, love, feel pain and have all the human emotions. I really enjoy watching this as I find it kind of interesting but it's also the sort of program that you can watch while doing other things in the house. You don't really need to concentrate on it.

Great British Bake Off - This was on the BBC and everyone knows what the Great British Bake Off is. It's about a bunch of people in the competition to win the Great British Bake Off prize. My favourite part of this is watching them make the showstopper cakes at the end, they are fantastic and I don't think I can do anything like that myself. I'm a little bit upset that is going to Channel 4 and Mary Berry won't be in it anymore. I don't think it will be the same.

The Missing - This is also on the BBC and is about a child getting abducted by someone and then coming back a few years later. It's interessting trying to fit all the pieces together to work out where she's been, who has taken her, and trying to find out if the girl that was taken was the right girl. But of course it's not all as it seems, they actually think the girl is not the daughter and it can get very confusing as we try and work it out... who took her in the first place? You really need to concentrate when you watch this program but it's worth the effort.

Mrs P

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