Monday, 28 November 2016

Things to be grateful for

I used to do a 'dear so & so' but that was talking about the bad things that went on in my life and only small things like the my iPhone charger braking. But I have changed it now to things that I am grateful for.

My Hubby - OK I know that this one is a bit soppy but I am thankful for him. He does so much for us like work all the time for us, working his 9-5 job then going out and doing some music things. Also he does lots of other things for us at home.

My House - Yes I am saying thanks to my house. It's been horrible weather at the moment and I am grateful for my house keeping my family warm and cosy in this weather.

My Laptop - I love my little laptop but he is on his last legs and I am not sure if he will last for too much longer. So I am thankful for all the time I have spent on it. He has been good to me.

Myself - Yes I know this sounds a bit big headed but I am thankful for myself. I have started to do more that I have wanted to do for myself and that feels good. I still put my Daughter and Husband first though. But I am getting there with putting myself first sometimes.

 Mrs P

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