Thursday, 29 December 2016

Yearly look over

2016 is over and I will miss it. 2016 has been a good year, it started off as every year does at home watching Big Ben on the telly with a glass of wine then off to bed. But this year I went to bed knowing that in 2016 I would be going on an adventure to Canada and Disney World, which I was very excited about, as I got to start planning it. Disney and Canada was the highlight of the year as a family. We loved it and all had a really good time.

This year we have also been on lots of other little adventures to Devon, Chessington and Kessingland... yep this year I have been a lucky girly really. Another thing is that I have been in my job for a year, which I am enjoying and it is still only 1.45 hours a day but now I am doing an extra 30 mins on some days, just putting the school play things out. It's all extra money in the account for things (like another disney holiday hehe).

Little Miss P has become a lot more grown up in the things she is coming out with and some of the things she is doing. It's very cute but also a little scary at the some time, but she's being so good at the moment.

Another this is that we have paid some extra off our mortgage and Mr P is still in his job and is still doing his Music. Not much else has gone on really but I think we have had a good 2016.

Mrs P

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Crap Week

I didnt know what photo to up but this photo makes me smile 

Last week was going OK, well at the beginning of the week it was but throughout the week it seemed to get worse. I think it must've just been my week of being crap. But this week that's all going to change. 

Don't get me wrong I haven't got a bad life to begin with. My life is pretty decent, I only work two hours in a day and the rest of the time I get to spend at home with my daughter. But sometimes it does get a bit mundane. And it was bad things that happened last week but kind of stupid things looking back. And they were other people putting me in a bad mood. And I shouldn't let other people control my mood. 

This week I am starting to do you weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel, I'm not entirely sure how that's going to go as my week is pretty much the same every week but as it's Christmas time I thought it might be slightly different and I fancy a slight challenge. And I've also bought a book called The Magic. I was watching Emma Manford's YouTube channel and she mentioned this book. So I thought I'll give it a go as I want to try and see the positive in everything as I usually see lots of negatives.

I'll keep you updated on the week and let's all hope it will be a better week than last week.

Mrs P

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Top Five DVDs We Have

This is going to be hard for me as I like so many films at the moment, I like all type of films other the horror films they just creap me out. But all other types I love. Some of them may even be aimed at Kids.

 Yes I know it's a Christmas film but I could watch this film all year round, it's funny and it puts me in a good mood if I am in a bad one. I love that Elf always has a happy smile on his face, and that he loves singing loud and proud for all to hear (yes I am quoting the film to you). We all sit and watch this film as a family. I love this and will love this still when I am sitting in my wheelchair with my grandkids.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
This is one of the newest DVDs we have at the moment, we picked this up cheap from somewhere as it had Ben Stiller and I like him as an actor. The film follows Mitty who is a day dreamer, and he stops daydreaming and creates his own destiny by trying to find a photographer that sent him a proof of a photo for the magazine he works for, and that's when the adventure starts.

The Devil Wears Prada
If you haven't heard of this film yet where have you been, it's the film that put Anne Hathaway in the spotlight. It's about Andy Sachs (Hathaway) who lands a job a million girls would dream of, but for Andy she just wants a job, she doesn't have any fashion sense. Her boss is the devil in disguise, until she gets help from someone. I love this film, this is a right girly film to sit in your PJs with a glass or wine and some popcorn.

Toy Story
Yes I am a big kid at heart and this film is great, everyone when they were younger thought their toys were alive or wished they were, so this film brought out the kid in me. It's about when a nice new space ranger toy Buzz Lightyear comes and everyone wants to be his friend, but Woody starts to feel left out. So they don't get along but have to find away to anyway.

This is my favourite Disney Princess movie, I love this film as she is just so fun and always looking on the brighter side of life. This is about a little girl who got taken from her parents, who are the King and Queen by a mean old lady who wanted the princess for herself, because she had magic hair that kept the lady young.

Mrs P

Thursday, 1 December 2016

2016 Goals - Did I keep to them?

First up did I complete my 2016 Goals? Well that would be a no as I did not really look at the them throughout the year until I have started this blog post.

The first one was - Keep up-to-date with my blog post and YouTube channel. It seems easy but it's really not. I couldn't keep it up last year (2015) so this year I hope I can.  
Well this year I couldn't do it again as I have missed a few weeks here and there.

By the end of 2016 I would love to earn £1,000 a month, not sure how that's going to happen at the moment but it's an aspiration.
OK I have got up to £755 so I didn't make the £1,000 but I got closer than I thought I would, which I am happy about.

Get up the website that I have been thinking about for the past two years and just haven't done anything about. This will be a little family project.

Nope this one didn't get done but plans have kind of changed. I would still love to do this but I just think it won't be for a few years.

Carry on having a happy little family and spending time with each other.
This one I have done. This year we have had so much fun as a family, we have been to so many different places and had lots of fun. I really  wish this would still happen in 2017. 

In 2016 it seems like I didn't keep to the things that I wanted to do but I have had a good year and it's been fun so that is what counts. I think I have had made progress in my life and with where I want to end up.

Mrs P