Thursday, 29 December 2016

Yearly look over

2016 is over and I will miss it. 2016 has been a good year, it started off as every year does at home watching Big Ben on the telly with a glass of wine then off to bed. But this year I went to bed knowing that in 2016 I would be going on an adventure to Canada and Disney World, which I was very excited about, as I got to start planning it. Disney and Canada was the highlight of the year as a family. We loved it and all had a really good time.

This year we have also been on lots of other little adventures to Devon, Chessington and Kessingland... yep this year I have been a lucky girly really. Another thing is that I have been in my job for a year, which I am enjoying and it is still only 1.45 hours a day but now I am doing an extra 30 mins on some days, just putting the school play things out. It's all extra money in the account for things (like another disney holiday hehe).

Little Miss P has become a lot more grown up in the things she is coming out with and some of the things she is doing. It's very cute but also a little scary at the some time, but she's being so good at the moment.

Another this is that we have paid some extra off our mortgage and Mr P is still in his job and is still doing his Music. Not much else has gone on really but I think we have had a good 2016.

Mrs P

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