Monday, 4 December 2017

Things to be grateful for

I have so many things to be grateful for, and a lot of them are just every day small things really. I wanted to do a blog post about some of the things that I am grateful for so I can look back at this and see how lucky I actually really am. I think I've done a blog post like this before.

1) I am thankful for my husband, okay I know that sounds really soppy but recently he seems to be very family orientated. It's not like he wasn't before, but the last few weeks he seems to be a lot more than he has been. And it's been really nice.

2) My cheap Primark £3 woolly hat, I work outside so this £3 hat is a lifesaver at the moment, it keeps my head so warm and it's quite a thick woolly hat too. Also all the kids seem to like my hat as well, that's just a bonus point for it.

3)  My daughter Little Miss P, every day she is getting bigger and bigger and her character is just brilliant. She's got a little cheeky side that most people don't get to see, she is funny with a real sense of humour and most people don't get to see that either. I wish that little bit of her character and funniness would come out more, I think she just needs more confidence in group environments and realise that I love her for everything she is.

4) Having a lightweight TV, yes we have a very lightweight TV in the front room. And sometimes when we just want to lounge around in bed, we move the downstairs telly upstairs to our room. And it will stay there for a few nights.

5) My favourite mug, I think I'm not the only one that has this. This mug is a lifesaver, it just gets the perfect amount of tea in and fits perfectly in my hand.

Mrs P

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Disney Planning - 8 months to go

Yes we have eight months until the Disney holiday. Every time it gets that little bit closer I get that little bit more excited... I have started to buy a few bits of clothing for our trip, which makes me even more excited.

 I think as I said before we are staying in Orlando two days before we actually stay in the hotel,  we have booked our other hotel last night. So for the first two nights in Orlando we are going to be staying in the Hampton Inn and Suites Orlando Airport at Gateway Village. Last time we went to Orlando and we stayed in this Hotel but really only go to sleep there as the plane was delayed quite a few hours on the way there. So this time we are going to enjoy this hotel as it is a lovely room as well as being humongous. Also the hotel has a swimming pool, which Little Miss P will be happy about.

The next thing to do this weekend is to do our ESTAs to be able to get into America. They are really easy to do and it doesn't take too long, normally within 48 hours we'll be told if we can get in or not.

Mrs P

Top five Disney Films by Little Miss P

Monday, 27 November 2017

November Lookover Part 1 27/11/17

17th - I'm not really sure where the first half of November has gone, it has flown by. Even though it's flown by I haven't really done much, well it feels like I haven't. I have been doing the little jobs that needed to get done but I've put off, so that's always good. I've even done some Christmas shopping, wrapped them up and put them into different families' piles. All of one of the family piles are my side and the other pile is for the hubby's side of the family, even though I'm not entirely sure when we will be seeing the hubby's side of the family. At the moment it feels like will be seeing them at Easter, so might stop on that side of the family's presents and wait until the January sales to buy the rest.
Little Miss P is doing well at school even though her teacher hasn't been in for the past week, and she has been having lots of different teachers in the school or a supply teacher. I do really need to work with Little Miss P on her English with her and just get her up a bit, as I think she's below where she needs to be. But in maths and science she is doing brilliantly. I think we have parents evening in about two weeks so I'll definitely see where she's at then.

21st - I have started to get things sorted for 2018, I kind of want to get a head start on it all. I'm mainly trying to get a head start on my blog and I'm also trying to get a head start on YouTube. I haven't got anywhere yet with it but I'm writing ideas down so that's a good start I suppose, 
Also I did something that I haven't booked in for ages, I have booked in for a half leg wax. I haven't done that since my daughter was born so just thought it's about time I did this again. It helps that a new beauty place has opened up down the road so I can easily go down there after work, and before I pick her up from school. So that's worked perfectly.

Mrs P

Thursday, 23 November 2017

New Trainers

The other week we went shopping to Lakeside Retail P
ark. Only the outside section as Little Miss P was due to have a new pair of shoes, not any type of shoes, party shoes specifically. But we could not find any, well find any that she actually liked. But while we were shopping I found a lovely pair of trainers for me, I wasn't really looking for trainers, I wasn't even looking for anything for me, but I have started running now and my Primark trainers kind of look worse for wear. So I would have needed to buy a new pair soon anyway.

My new trainers are nice bright and pink and most of all really comfortable. They are even a brand, which makes me laugh a bit; they are Puma, which just reminds me of when I was younger and always wanting the designer things. Now I'm older I actually don't care about it.

I've only been running in them a few times and at the moment they are very comfortable. As they are not from Primark I hope they will last longer too.

Mrs P

Back from Holiday little vlog

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christmas Adverts - M&S & Asda

Yes, it's that time of year again where the Christmas adverts are back, and the first two I'm going to be talking about are the Marks & Spencer one and Asda's.

 I didn't really have any emotions from Marks and Spencer's one. I think it's little bit of a copout using Paddington Bear. The bear is sweet and we do like watching Paddington as a family, and when the film is at the cinema we will probably go and see it, but the advert didn't do anything for me. I'm guessing it was a lot cheaper for them to make as they would've got money from the film company as advertising.

Now the Asda one I actually really like, perhaps because I've got a child; I just like the way they have done it and you can obviously see what they are selling. The children and their grandad is a great mix as well. I like it when they go in the slide and come out with Christmas jumpers on, also when they are on the train going through the tunnel and they come back out in new pyjamas. It is actually just a fun advert, I'm not too much into the soppy, sad ones. This is just bright, colourful and fun as well as being quite simple.  It's a nice, easy story to follow.

Mrs P

Monday, 13 November 2017

Amazon Prime - Video

We have the joy of Amazon Prime, we got it due to the fact that we needed something the next day and the price of it was really good at the time and in getting Amazon Prime you get Amazon video too, where you can watch some TV shows and some films, and I am loving it. 

One of my favourite programmes is Lucifer, which is all about the devil leaving hell and going to live in LA. It was just a fantastic programme to watch and you don't really need to concentrate on it. The person who plays Lucifer is absolutely brilliant at it, and he's easy on the eye too.

Another show is called Start-up. I first started watching this programme due to the fact it has Adam Brody and I remember him from watching the OC. I'm glad I started watching this series as it's actually a really good show, it's about people starting up a company that are using dodgy money and the Russian Mafia are involved somewhere along the line.

As I said it also has films like Magic Mick for me to watch, to a film called Limitless with Bradley Cooper in it that me and the other half can watch one evening with popcorn or cheese and crackers, to lots of different children's films from the Lorax to Bellarina, which Little Miss P is really into.

I think next year at some point we will have to renew it. We will see if we will or not if it comes back to us at a good price then I think we will be.


Mrs P

Here is a little video about 5 Disney things, I hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 9 November 2017

October Lookover

9th - Well work has been a bit slow going, but it's only 1hour and 45mins a day so I think I can get over that. Little Miss P had her Dance competition on Sunday and she did well, they got 2nd for both (she was in two group dances). I don't really like dance competitions, I just don't want her feeling sad or upset if she mucks up or the feeling of letting her team down. I just want her to have fun and I think that she really likes the bit of getting ready and dressed up.

16th - Yes, Little Miss P and I only have one more week at school and at work then we are off on a family holiday to Kessingland for a few days, where I don't have any internet so all I can do is read, write and other things. Little Miss P kind of annoyed me last night, the hubby cooked a lovely stew the same way as we always do and Little Miss P didn't really touch it. She said she didn't like it. And she left her room in a right state. And had a bit of attitude. I think this shows she's growing up.

30th - Yep it's nearly the end of October, and a few days ago we got back from our lovely little holiday to Kessingland. We also went to Legoland for a day and a half and we also saw the Lorax at the Old Vic Theatre in London. It was a beautiful theatre and it's only 30 minutes away on the train for us. It was a very busy week off school, I think we fitted in everything that we wanted to do, that's why on Sunday afternoon when I finally let my body relax a bit, I got an earache and went all cold, now on Monday I have a cold, headache and nose running. I don't mind really as long as I just get through the days of having a cold I'll be fine. At least I've got it now and out the way. I don't fancy having a cold the first week of December as I'm out pretty much all week. For the rest of October it's back to the normal routine of school run and work. 

Mrs P

Little Video of Little Miss P's week in Kessingland

Monday, 16 October 2017

Loving at the moment

1) Let's just start off with food. Brie, tomato chutney and crackers, it's a lovely evening treat if you're still a little bit peckish after dinner. Me and the other half usually have some while watching the evening programs. We don't have it every night, because I think if we did it would be really unhealthy. I'm just really enjoying the flavour of it at moment.

2) The song Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. I don't know why I keep listening to it at the moment, I just do and normally in the morning before I go to work. It's just an overall a great song.
It's on YouTube that I listen to it when I am getting ready for work.

3) Bull, this is a TV show that is based on trial science, it's on Channel 5 and is absolutely fantastic. It's got the same guy in it from NCIS. If I was you I'd go over and check the program out, I've even got the other half into watching it.

4) My Disney app, I actually don't really need to use this app at the moment but I'm still on it every other day to see what time the park is open at and to look at all the restaurants. You see what you need to book when the time comes. Also I'm keeping an eye on the ride times to see what would be best to use my fast passes for.

Mrs P

Monday, 9 October 2017

Back to School

It has been a month since Little Miss P has been back to school and I think I can now finally say that we are back into a proper routine. Maybe not the routine that I plan to have. But it is a routine.
Little Miss P has gone back to school on form, and I mean that in a way that she has gone back to school and kicked it in the bum. She is doing so well with her reading, and brilliantly in her maths. I couldn't ask for any better. She's happy that she's got the same teacher again but instead of being Miss Hobart she is now Mrs Finley and is at least four months' pregnant. I'm guessing that by Christmas she will be going on maternity leave and Little Miss P will probably be getting a supply teacher for the rest of the year. Let's see how that will go as it does take Little Miss P a while to see if she likes the teacher or not. 

Some of Little Miss P's friends aren't always being that nice at the moment, so I've said to her go and find someone else to play with. And when one of them comes running back to you because they are in an argument tell them to go away and that you're not sorting it out. As she seems to be the one that was solving the arguments. I think she's being brave at school and actually standing up for herself now, which is a good thing. I just hate the thought of people walking all over her.

That's all I've got on the school update at the moment, I will do another one after Christmas.

Here is a little video of Little Miss P's top five Disney things, I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

September Lookover

7th - We are well and truly back into routine, Little Miss P is back to school and dancing, I am back to work, Mr P is back into doing all his music things, so yeah we are back to it. I'm not going to lie, it has been a struggle. The fact that I have to actually get up and I can't lie in until 9 o'clock in the morning, I wish I could though. Right now I'm just trying to find a pattern to fit everything in and have a bit of time for me, before I go to sleep. 
 Work is okay, at the moment we have two new people with us now, and they seem to be okay. And settling in okay. And surprisingly all the kids seemed to settle in okay, it was like we haven't even had a six week break.

11th - Well its been 16 years since 9/11, wow time has gone by and I hope that Little Miss P gets to do at least a 1 min silence in school today. I think they still should do due to how many people died.
It's the 2nd week now back to school and work and getting back into a routine. My hours at work have been cut only by 30mins a day but it's being taken over by an apprentice on like £2.90 an hour. Not that happy about it but it does make perfect business sense, and it seems to be the way the school is run now.

18th - It's Monday today and I have come out with a cold, Little Miss P got one over the weekend. I think she's given it to me even though I do work in a school and I have been sneezed at in the face twice by kids. I could've got it from them. At the moment I have got a really sore throat and my ear hurts. Everything else is fine at the moment. What I need is my throat sweets and a hot water bottle and I should be fine.

Mrs P

Take a look at my video of our birthday week, thanks

Monday, 2 October 2017

Disney Planning - 10mth - booking flight

We have 10 months until our Disney holiday and I have finally booked flights, yes I know most people book everything at the same time but I am not like most people. As I do with all our flights I went straight to Kayak,  as we booked flights with them last time and we trusted it. Once we found our flights it takes you to another website to book them (Kayak is like Go Compare's website but for travel). It said the best price was from a website called Budget Airlines but I have never heard of them before so we went to the next best and that was It cost £10 more booking at Expedia but I'm happy as I don't think the company is going to be going under any time soon. 

So our first flight is from Gatwick to Orlando, with British Airways but we actually booked it through Liberia, a Spanish airline. We actually saved about hundred pounds, it's to do with code Sharing. I don't know how it all works but never mind. 

On the way home it got booked through British airways but we are flying with Aer Lingus. On the way home we have booked a flight from Orlando to Dublin, then there is about an hour and a half gap before our next flight Dublin to Heathrow. This is the cheapest way to do it. If we booked these flights for Aer Lingus it would've been more expensive. 

Just shows that it's worth looking around.

This is not a sponsored post or anything but I would hundred percent recommend Kayak.

Mrs P

Thursday, 7 September 2017

August Lookover Part Two

23rd - We are off on a tiny adventure, we are going to stay at my sister's house in Braintree for two nights. I am looking after my two nephews, well my sister has work very early in the morning. I'm looking forward to spending some time with them, but one thing about my nephews is they wake up very early. And I am not an early bird person.
On a different note my eBay sales have been great recently. I like the way it's going, that's with me and for once one thing is going nicely. I like to try and do something different, but still do all the other things too. So I just need to work out what it's going to be.

26th -  I feel absolutely knackered, I have just spent the past two days looking after my two very energetic nephews, that like waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning. I love them both to bits but they really need to learn to lay in a bit. They were very good for me even though the little one likes to moan a lot and he always asks for food. I am just glad I'm back in my own house and mainly my own bed, there's nothing like your own bed. Everything is packed away from a few days there and I've had a nice relaxing bath, while Mr P cooks ravioli from scratch with Little Miss P. I'm really looking forward to it as I am really hungry.
  It's the last week of Little Miss P being off school before she goes back for the new term. She is now to be year five. My plan for the next week is to make it as fun as possible

29th - Today was an on unexpected day, I didn't realise my mum was off work for a week and she wanted to see Little Miss P and I so we went into Romford for some shopping.  I got Little Miss P some new school shoes that are size 3 in the adult range in Sainsbury's, which I find a little crazy. They are very cute though. I also picked up two set of PJs, they are the same as each other one for me and one set for Little Miss P and they are for our Disney trip next year, they are cute.

Mrs P

Here is what Little Miss P got got for her birthday hope you enjoy

Monday, 4 September 2017

Family Holiday

So this year our family holiday was to Scotland, I have never been to Scotland before so I was looking forward to the adventure. The thing I wasn't looking forward towards to was the car ride. Seven hours in the car isn't what I call fun so we decided to break up the journey.

On day one we drove to the Lake District and stayed in a Premier Inn. We actually drove to Lake Windermere and jumped on a boat for a ride on the lake and went to the aquarium. And had a nice pub dinner.

Day two was the rest of the drive, to Forest holidays Scotland, never actually had a Forest holidays before so we weren't too sure what to expect. When we turned up the place was beautiful, and the lodge that we stayed in was beautiful as well. We had a hot tub, log burning fire, a very spacious front room and kitchen, perfect for a few days there. As soon as we got all our bags in we went straight in the hot tub. The rest of out time in the Lodge we stayed onsite or just went outside it. As we were staying in one of Scotland's national parks we went off on a venture up, well in the mountains. We didn't go all the way up but I'm pretty sure we got halfway up. We also went out with Ranger Jack who showed us how to make a fire, what types of leaves we could eat, and what healing powers some other plants have. We even made a tent by the loch, roasted marshmallows and had pine tea. It was a great two hours. We even went to the quiz night, didn't do too great but the whole fun of it is actually just having a laugh.

For one night we stayed at a Hilton hotel in the Cairngorms, it was a lovely drive to get there as we went past Ben Nevis and Lock Ness but we didn't see the Loch Ness monster sadly. The hotel that we stayed in was fantastic the kids. It had a play group that the kids can go to for free for two hours between a certain time. Also there was a disco for the kids and a decent size swimming pool, plus a really good park and other little things. Food was good as well, one night we had Italion style buffet and breakfast was a buffet style too. Nice and easy when you have kids in tow.

I would definitely like to go to Scotland again and maybe stay in the Cairngorms a bit more.

Here is a little video of our Holiday

Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Lookover Part One

1st - It's our Birthday week, Little Miss P's is on Thursday and mine is on Saturday, so the first week in August is pretty exciting. Mr P always has it off work for our birthdays and we normally do some fun things, and we are also going on a little holiday to Scotland.

4th - It was Little Miss P's birthday yesterday and we bought her tickets to see Wind and the Willows the Musical at the west end. It was absolutely fantastic (more detail in a blog post to come) and would 100% recommend it. We also went to Frankie & Benny's afterwards for dinner, when Little Miss P ordered her dessert she got a massive sparkler in it and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to her. I think she loved it and loved the attention being on her for a couple of minutes.

14th - We have just got back from our holiday to Scotland, it was a very relaxing holiday. And even though it was in Scotland we did get some sunshine, even though it was raining back home. There will be a more detailed post about the holiday. We stayed in fourr different places and we drove up to Scotland which is about seven hours drive, so we split it into two days.  But now we are home it's the fun of doing loads of washing, going to the shops just to buy milk and bread to get us through that few days until our next shop.

17th - It's been a few days now that we have been back from our holiday and we seem to be working well as a family and things are in a bit of a better routine. All the little jobs that need doing go on a chalkboard. Mr P seems a lot more chilled out and not working as late at the moment, I think he's still in a bit of holiday mood.

We have also been meeting up with one of Little Miss P's friends from school which I think they are both enjoying.

Mrs P

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Loving at the moment

I used to love doing this sort of blog post, and I'm not entirely sure why I stopped doing them. I'm going to bring these back, where I just put five things that I am loving at the moment. I mainly enjoy doing his blog post so I can look back on them in the future and see what I was into.

1) First up is my Canon EOS 600D I have found love again for taking photos and using it to film and make memories. It's a great camera and takes great photos. I will be using it for our Holiday.

2) My Disney Experience. This is an app you get when you book a Disney holiday. I can't use the app properly because you book fast passes with it and they're not available yet. I am using it at the moment to keep an eye on how big the queues are for when I book the rides.

3) Beauty and the Beast Big sleeve. When you get a big sleeve DVD it kind of reminds me of how a vinyl disc would come. You get a Blu Ray DVD, a DVD bonus disc and exclusive art cards. I haven't even opened this yet as I got it for my birthday, but I am absolutely in love with it, it's just so beautiful.

4) Hot Tubs. Yes I know I'm saying hot tubs but when we were on holiday and had a hot tub it was absolutely luxurious. We were in it as much as we could on holiday, it is just so relaxing. Would love to have fun in one in the garden.

5) My laptop. It is not the most up-to-date laptop but it's my little laptop and I love it. It lets me write my blog, put my photos on it and it is pretty fast when it wants to be. I use it every day so I think it deserves and mention.

Mrs P

Here is a little Video of our time at Ashlynsfarms. Hope you like it.

Monday, 21 August 2017

We Booked Disney

Yes, I'm super excited we have booked Disney, not just any Disney trip we have booked Disney World in Florida. Yep next year will be jumping on a plane for an 8 hour trip across the ocean to the sunny world of Orlando. We have booked our Disney hotel and our tickets but we still need to book the flights. 

   We will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside, in a royal guest room where it is all done very princesses style. I thought Little Miss P would love this room and it's a special treat. She has done so well this year at school and even handling breaking her wrist really well. Didn't really moan at all other when it got itchy.   
 I have never stayed in that hotel before so I'm pretty excited about it, trying new experiences.
We have finally logged on to our Disney Experience online, it did take ages and I did have to ring them up twice to actually get it working but it is now finally working although I can't book anything yet. But it's nice having it on there ready.

I can't wait for the countdown to begin, and as I write this we have 252 days to go.

Mrs P

Fun Little Video about our time in Southend

Thursday, 3 August 2017

July - Part Two

9th July - I have finally been told who it is that Little Miss P has for a Teacher next year and I am pretty surprised with who she's got, there were two teachers that I wanted her to get and that's Mr C or Mrs B because they both seemed like they would make a good teacher, and every time I walk past their class the class always seems happy and relaxed, but she has got her teacher from last year, Mrs F. I am really happy with that but I am a little surprised they've done that as they don't normally. At least the kids know her. And they know the way that works better for her, she knows the way they work.

20th July - It was Little Miss P's last day at school today, well last day in Year Four and I think she was pretty excited about it with 6 1/2 weeks off school now. That evening I went to a little work thing for a few hours. It wasn't much but I enjoyed it and I don't normally go to those sort of things. I just hope I didn't make a pratt of myself, and if I did I am not that worried as I don't hang out with them outside of work.

22nd July - I went for my first run, well half jog half run, and I actually really enjoyed it. Little Miss P came with me as she had to as I will not leave her on her own yet (she's too young for that) and I think Little Miss P really enjoyed it too. I will continue to do it over the summer holidays with her then when she's back to school I will do it on my own.

27th July - Well the weather has been pants for the first week of the school holiday so it has been about doing things with Little Miss P in the house. She wants to starts a YouTube channel all about Disney so I have helped her do that, she has done about four videos and it's not starting until September. We have been doing other little bits too, but it's been a nice chilled out week ready for a fun August.

Mrs P

Monday, 24 July 2017

End of School Report

I have finally got her end of year reports, and I have to say I'm a pretty happy mummy right now. And it is exactly what I expected. Well most of it was, I was little surprised with one of them, but I will get more into that as I go down the list. 

First up is about what she is generally like as a child in school. And as they say every year she is a pleasure to teach, and that she has a very good attitude towards her learning and her confidence in her ability is growing steadily. In particular in maths. But in her enthusiasm to do well she can sometimes rush things, so just needs to slow down and take a more careful approach to her work to make sure it's really is her best. She is mature with the ability to emphasise and has a sensible attitude, which makes her an excellent role model. She has some solid friendships but it would be good for her to expand her circle of friends.

It was lovely reading that but one bit I don't really like is the whole mature thing, she's only 8 and I think she shouldn't take things so seriously. And when I was reading this out her she said she has to sit with all the boys because that makes her the sensible one at the table.

Her attendance is absolutely brilliant and all her absences are due to her breaking her wrist or having a music exam, so can't complain about that one either. 

She pretty much got expected level in everything and A for effort in everything, except reading. I know my little lady doesn't really enjoy reading she finds it pretty boring, and her mind gets sidetracked in how she thinks the story should go, not what the author wrote. So in Reading she got emerging and effort B, I find it a little funny really.

Now onto maths and this is the one I was a little bit surprised about, to me Little Miss P is brilliant at maths, she is fantastic and fast at adding and taking away, knows all her times tables up to 12,  her maths target is "I can multiply a two digit or three digit number by a one digit number using written methods". I think I know what that means but to tell you the truth I'm not 100% sure. Is that going to be something along the lines of 33×4, well that's what I'm guessing anyway.

All the other subjects are expected and A for effort. One bit in the PE section did make me laugh though, a bit about putting what she's learnt in PE into good practice during sports day. The thing you have to remember is that she broke her wrist on sports day so if she learns how to balance a bit better we would have been alright, lol.

During the summer I would like to work with her on some school stuff so she doesn't go back to school and start from scratch, and I normally use the report to help me work out what I need to work with her on. I'll work on her reading and maths and her English and spelling more than anything else, but that wasn't mentioned at all in the report.

As I have said before I am happy with her report and a proud mummy.

Mrs P 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Lookover - Part One

3rd July - We have six months until Christmas, now that is a scary thought. But not so scary is that it is Little Miss P's birthday coming up in one month's time. She is really after a certain spy kit for her birthday but on Amazon they have put up the price and at Toys R Us they have sold out. And she's not after anything else really.
I need to talk to her about what else she might be after.  Her arm is still wrapped up in a nice pink bandage but it gets to come off in about two weeks time which she is excited about. The first thing that she wants to do is have a nice cold bath to dip her arm in. 

14th July -  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but we have booked next year's holiday, yes we are going back to Disney World in Florida, which I am so excited about, I seriously cannot wait.  We still do need to book the flights and maybe a hotel when we get there because we might go a day or so earlier. Of course there will be blog posts coming out about these as I do them and as the trip gets nearer. 
Little Miss P had a fun day at school the other day. They have lots of bouncy castles and fun things to do like that but as Little Miss P has got a broken wrist she couldn't do any of it. We had already paid the money towards it as well. So I asked if I could join her for the day at school and take her away from the situation that would actually make her really upset and they said yes it was okay, so we spent the day going through the Disney maps and looking at the rides. I think she enjoyed it. 
It's a little bit weird thinking that Little Miss P has got her last four days in year four. And in September she is going to be in year five, that is a scary thought and I do need to start looking into high schools for her. 

16th July - It has been an interesting weekend, I feel like I haven't done much but I feel like I've done a lot. I know that doesn't make sense. But I know what I mean in my own head. On Saturday we had quite a lazy day that was really nice and in the afternoon we went shopping at Bluewater for three hours. I didn't need anything but it's sometimes nice just going to the shops for a browse. And today I tipped Little Mrs P's bedroom upside down. I sorted out her room completely with her. There were two big bags full of rubbish and a big box to go in the loft and a bag for the charity shop. And there is still a big black bag to go through, I just got so fed up with doing it, and everything in this black bag hasn't got place where it belongs. And then Little Miss P had a little party to go to in the afternoon. It's now about 7:30 in the evening, I'm about to do the little one's bath, reading and then bed for her, ready for school tomorrow.

Mrs P

Monday, 17 July 2017

Disney Aladdin - West End

 The first thing I've got to say about this show is that it is amazing, Little Miss P did this show for her school play, she was just a background character, well a little dancer, but her whole year was then invited to go and see the show in the West End. Obviously we had to pay for tickets and also adults were invited too. And of course me and Little Miss P said yes to it and paid for tickets straightaway.

 There were quite a few of us but we all had to sit in separate section, which I found a bit weird. And the section I was sitting in had no teachers which was an odd thing I found going with the school.

Aladdin itself was such a magical show, the props on the stage were what blew me away, it was so vibrant with beautiful colours everywhere. You had so much to look at, from the first scene in the marketplace with all the bright pinks and blues, to inside the cave that was full of gold. 
Also the costumes were amazing. I especially loved Genie's outfit. 

My favourite character out of all the characters was the Genie, he was the main guy of the show he made me want to sing along to the songs, stand up dancing and just want to have a great time. Funny thing is he looks like a Genie. He is the perfect person for his part, his looks and character are spot-on. 
Aladdin was also a brilliant character too and the person playing the part played it perfectly, even if he did get one of his lines wrong. Jasmine I wasn't so sure about, I didn't think she looks like Jasmine and I didn't think that her singing voice was that great, don't get me wrong her voice was good but I don't think it was strong enough compared with Aladdin and the Genie. She just didn't stand out at all.
I would love to go and see this musical again with just my family, I think it would be a different experience and enjoy it more if I wasn't watching a bunch of children.

I still have to say I prefer the Lion King Musical to Aladdin but they are still both very good shows.

Mrs P

Monday, 10 July 2017

June Lookover - Part Two

24th June - Well what can I say, it was a very interesting Friday, and it definitely didn't go to plan. It was Little Miss P's sports day and as I do every year I go and watch it even though I don't actually enjoy it, as it is just a lot of throwing balls around and that's pretty much it. I just go to support her. But this sports day was completely different. One of Little Miss P's good friends fainted and I was there to calm her down and be with her and she ended up going off to hospital. So I pretty much missed the whole of Summer's sports day. But then I asked if I could watch the bit in the afternoon as I missed the first bit and I was told yes. So I thought great I can go and watch it and support her in the afternoon when most parents aren't allowed. But as I work at the school it was okay. And then the more interesting thing happened, in the first race she decided to fall over backwards and really hurt her hand. We ended up going to the emergency room and it turns out Little Miss P has fractured her wrist. She is now lying in bed with her cast on feeling very sorry for herself and is in a bit of pain. 
 Today I've just been making sure that she is comfortable and topping her up with Calpol and Ibuprofen and both of them together make her very sleepy. I'm feeling pretty tired myself as I was
up every few hours last night making sure she was okay. But I'm happy to say she did sleep through the whole night without any complaints.

30th June - Today is the last day of June, yesterday at Little Miss P had den building at school and I think she used her hand more than she should've. She was complaining when she woke up and when she got home yesterday her fractured wrist was really hurting her so I gave her some Calpol and sent her off to school and I'll ask her later if she needs any more. She now has a lovely pink cast as we had to go for her check up on Wednesday, we have to go back for another check up next Wednesday just to make sure it's healing properly and that the bones are strengthening up in the right place. That's what it sounded like when the Doctor was talking to us about it. 
 On a good note we only have three weeks left of school, which I can't wait for as we then have the six weeks holiday. But I'm slightly nervous that I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing with Little Miss P, as she would've just had her cast off and we still need to be careful with her wrist so can't do lots of energised activities.

Mrs P

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bramham Horse Trials

A few weekends ago, we went on a little adventure that took as all the way to Leeds. The car journey for us took about 3 1/2 hours, which was pretty good really because there was no traffic at all on the way up or on the way home.

  We started our adventure on Friday evening when Mr P got home. We got in the car and set off to our lovely Hilton hotel in Leeds city centre. The room was lovely and spacious and Little Miss P even got a double size bed to herself. We got room service as we like to do now at Hilton Hotels and the next morning we even had time to go out for a small swim (and I got a five minute sauna session).
Then it was back in the car for the Bramham Horse Trials. We have only ever been to one horse trials before and that was Badminton horse trials. But I have to say I really enjoyed this one, I'm not sure if it was due to that I knew what to expect this time or that it was a better course. One thing that worked really well with this one is at each main jump there were toilets, drink stalls and food stalls.

  There was one moment when we were watching one of the jumps when a Horse got stuck on one of the fences, and he started to panic. But the rider was still on his back and managed to get him off safely. They were out of the race after that, there was also another horse that fell over at one of the jumps and the rider also fell off, but they both got up and both of them are fine, and they both got checked out straight after.  Little Miss P loves watching the horses and it is an overall brilliant day out. It's a full day out so you are very tired at the end of it, but for me that is a sign of a brilliant day.

Before we went home we went to the main arena where they basically had a pony sports day is the best way to explain it. There was about six teams with the ponies and riders doing challenges. It was one of the most funny things I've ever seen. Those little ponies can go fast when they want to.

I would like to go back again in maybe two years time, and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys horseriding or anything to do with horses (and even dogs as there were so many dogs there!!).

Mrs P

Monday, 3 July 2017

June Lookover - Part One

5th June - June has started off with it being very rainy, but what else do you expect from the British weather, also had another Terrorist attack this week in London which is very sad. Just proves how stupid some people are.

  On a lighter note Little Miss P is back to school, and this term is a seven-week term. But then she is off for the summer holidays, I think the summer holidays are six week this year, and for the summer I have no plans. I just hope we get nice weather so we can go to the park lots. It was funny trying to wake up Little Miss P today as she really didn't want to. I think she struggled a lot but so did I. Not the fact that we had to wake up early it was the fact that we actually had to get dressed before 10 o'clock.

13th June - At the weekend we had a lovely weekend. It was a very full weekend but a really fun weekend with my little family.  First up we went to Bramham horse trials up near Leeds, we went straight after school on Friday and stayed up at a lovely Hilton (but that will be in a more detailed blog). And on Sunday we went sledging on an indoor Ski slope, we all had a fantastic time. But straight after we were on the road again to make our way home, as we had a wedding reception to get to. We did make it in time and had a lovely time.

17th June - Last week it was so hot as I work outside at lunchtime at the hottest part of the day and I have got myself a little tan. So that's nice but I have burnt myself a little bit on my chest, which keeps coming up in a heat rash, which is really annoying and itchy at the same time.
We have just got back from Little Miss P's school fete and there wasn't much there, which I found a little disappointing. Little Miss P went on the bouncy castle twice and we got hotdogs for a bit of lunch. We played a few of the table games like lucky dip and one where you pick your birthday and see if you win the prize. Not entirely sure what that was all about and also name the dog. We named it Bob just for a laugh. Overall we spent about 45 minutes at her school fete just to support them as they seem to need the money at the moment.
We are off to Romford in a bit because we need to pick up a few little bits then off to do the joy of food shopping. It's one of those things you just have to do as an adult and you really don't want to.

 Mrs P

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Disney co - Chip Earrings

While I wasn't well a few weeks ago so I decided to treat myself and bought this lovely pair of Chip earrings from Beauty and the Beast. And who wouldn't love a pair of Chip earrings.
They are from a company called Disney Couture, obviously by the name of the company they make Disney Jewellery. Never bought a product from them before but I definitely will be buying from them in the future.

The packaging is really cute as well. It just comes in a plain white box but when you open the box it has this cute little purple bag with the Disney Couture button on it and a picture of a small crown below, all in gold. And when you open the bag you get another small box that is a lilac colour with the Jewellery in it (well earrings come like that anyway).
The Chip earrings themselves are just adorable. The detail on it is super, and even has such small details on it like at the bottom of him he has small little triangles, his eyes and smile are just brilliant with the handle being his nose... of course you can't forget the tiny little chip that he has.
When I'm wearing them I don't think you can really tell that they are chip, but you can tell they are a teacup. I think you might be upset with this if you are a mega Disney fun like I am. But I do like putting a little Disney into my day by wearing these.

Mrs P

Monday, 12 June 2017

Getting Fit

So over the last few years, well over the last 8 and a bit I haven't really been looking after myself.  Well I had a little person to look after (Little Miss P) so every bit of spare money and time I had has gone towards her. I love doing that don't get me wrong but doing that has given me a mummy tummy as I like to call it (fat) and I haven't waxed my legs in years (I do shave them, my legs ain't like a monkey's) and I like getting my legs waxed as it saves so much time in the summer... and my legs like it better. 
Most of all I feel unfit and heavy, I hate getting my legs out so wearing dresses is out the question unless they are a maxi dress and for some weird reason I can't waer maxi dresses for work. So I will stick to my jeans for now.

I have come up with a few ideas to slowly get myself back to being fit.

1) Going for a walk every day. Actually started this last week with a mum friend from school, I go for about half an hour to 45 minute walk, and we are getting fast on the walks. I hope to soon start slowly jogging some bits of it too.

2) If you go on YouTube there are plenty of get fit videos, but I found one that is only eight minutes long so I've started to do that this week, even Little Miss P is doing this one with me. And it mainly gives your workout around the tummy area. 

3) Just eat smaller portions, it's that simple. I've started to give myself smaller portions at dinner. And the funny thing is I'm not that hungry afterwards even though I thought I would be. 

I'm going to keep a journal type blog thing but I will put it up once a month to see how I'm going. And then it makes me accountable for what I'm doing. If I'm brave enough I will put down my weight and what size clothes I am.

Mrs P

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Disney Bag

Last year we went to Disney World, and of course we did a bit of shopping. I could have done a lot more than I did but one of my best buys is this gorgeous bag that I use a lot when the weather starts to brighten up. It's full of colour and makes my day a bit brighter.
It is full of pictures of different Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Bambi & Thumper, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck. It has lots of little writing like Walt Disney World opening Oct 1971, Walt's signature etc. there are some amazing details on the bag (that's why there are lots of pictures). My favourite thing is the size of the bag, it's got enough room to fit all the crap I need in it, like my diary, my purse, things I need for work and parcels to post, it's perfect. 

The two little pockets at the front of the bag are great to put loose change in or maybe a pack of tissues or my hand sanitiser. There's also a zip in the inside of the bag for all your valuable things.

I am a girl that likes bags so when I next get to Disney I hope to be adding to my collection.

Maybe one with just one character on it like Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell as they are my two favourite characters.

Mrs P

Monday, 5 June 2017

May Lookover - Part Two

28th May - Yes no work for me and no school for Little Miss P for a week. On the day they left they had Shakespeare day as they had been learning about Shakespeare for the last two weeks, So all the kids had a lovely picnic on the field. For me as a midday I was a little worried how it would work (can't say much more about that other then wow). I think Little Miss P had a good time other than being really hot after spending all afternoon in the field out in the very hot sun we had that day. It was nice to see some of the teachers dressed up, with one of the male teachers in a tutu as the hairy fairy (not sure what play he was from), one dressed up as Shakespeare and one as the Queen. Not sure if they do it for the kids or they really like to dress up as they seem to do it a lot in that school. But anyway the kids enjoyed it and that is what counts.  
 The good thing about the weather being so nice is that it means we had lovely weather at the weekend too. So we all got in the garden and did some gardening as it was getting a little wild. Come to think of it I wish I got a before and after photo of it. It may be the only time we get outside as the weather for the next week is meant to be pants and be raining so I need to think of some indoor things to do with Little Miss P.

29th May - Last night we had a massive thunderstorm overnight, but then today we have lovely nice hot weather so I am thinking of spending more time in the garden with Little Miss P, just playing on the trampoline and making potions. As that is what she likes doing. I'm also getting a few blog posts written as I have been really slack on writing them recently. I'm hoping to write about three of them today and get them scheduled to go out through out the month. Already done one and it's only 10:30 (go me). Little Miss P has also asked me to film one of her YouTube videos with her.

Mrs P

Thursday, 1 June 2017

May Lookover - Part One

2nd May - Back to work today but only for four days as it was bank holiday Monday. I am stuck in the dining hall so I am missing the sun, but never mind. On the 30th April Little Miss P went on a little photo shoot with one of her dance teachers taking the photos she is great and the photos have come out beautifully. I love the photo at the side, it shows my princess in all her light with her tiara on.

16th May - Not much has been going on really other than today the weather has been lovely, nice and hot (I know a very British thing to talk about) and yesterday Little Miss P went on a school trip to the Globe in London. It's not far from us just a train ride and she seemed to enjoy it, but didn't hear much from her about it. eBay has been going really well, the fabric is going great.

20th May - Over the last few days I have had a sore throat and today it has seem to come full on with a full on headache. Just glad this weekend is a weekend at home.  Oh I got the rest of the photos from her dancing teacher and they are all lovely but they will get their own post soon, as there are so many nice photos. Oh I have now saved £1,000 for (what I hope to be) next year's Disney trip. The sad thing is I am actually pleased with myself for it.

Come back later to see the rest of May.

Mrs P

Monday, 29 May 2017

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

Yes this is another Nicholas Sparks film, I seem to be a little bit obsessed with his films at the moment. I'm not entirely sure why considering they seem to make me cry.  But sometimes we all need a good cry I suppose. 

So The Best of Me is about a pair of former high school sweethearts Amanda and Dawson, that reunite after many years when they return to their home town on the death of a mutual friend, to fulfill his last dying wish. They are both still in love with each other and are trying to figure out what they will become. 

There are so many chances of them getting together but it's up to both of them to work it out. What will happen at the end will give you a big shock. Don't put any spoilers on it. I did really enjoy this film but didn't like any of the ending (so sad, you have to watch it). There are some parts of the film that are far-fetched but that's a part of the drama for me.

I just need to watch the rest of the Nicholas Sparks films now but I might wait until I'm on my period or something to watch them and have a good cry.

Mrs P

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Saving for Disney

I am one of the biggest Disney fans in my family, I love it and all the magic that that goes with it. I would love to go every year but I don't have the money to do that so I am just going to have to save. So here are my top tips, well the things I am using to save for Disney anyway.

1) eBay is a biggie for me, I sell things that I don't need anymore, like old pairs of shoes or some old clothes. It will all soon add up.

2) All of my overtime money from work I put in a separate account, I call it my Disney account, which also gives me an incentive to do more at work.

3) Just don't buy so many things if you see them, like pairs of shoes that you like but you don't actually need, don't buy them. The money that would have gone on them goes into the Disney account.

4) All of the money or Christmas money I get goes straight into that Disney account

5) This doesn't actually get me much money but all the purchases I make online I do through sites like Top Cashback so when I get enough money to check out I will put it straight into the Disney account

Mrs P

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

If you have read any of Nicholas Sparks' books you will know that you'll probably end up crying at the end of them. And it turns out that his films are no different.
Save Haven is about a young woman called Katie who appears in a small town called Southport. Her sudden arrival raises questions about her path and she is very determined to avoid answering them. This is until she starts a relationship with a widowed store owner called Alex who is kindhearted and has two young children. Katie has another close bond with the neighbour called Jo (woman). Katie slowly begins to let her guard down on this close-knit community and becomes very attracted to Alex and his family. But her past catches her up and she has to decide whether to run or stay and fight her past. She chooses to stay. Even if it means putting her own life at risk and the ones that she's fallen in love with.

I absolutely love this film, I've never watched a Nicholas Sparks film before but from now on I am going to watch all of them and yes I did cry towards the end. I don't want to give it away just in case you haven't seen this film but if you need a good cry or are you just need to get your sadness out you need to watch these films. Don't think I've ever read a Nicholas Sparks book but I know most of my family have. I am glad that Katie does get her happy ending but at the end I wasn't expecting that where the storyline actually went but it was a great storyline. I need to actually find out if Stockport is a real place in South Carolina because it looks beautiful there. And one of the main characters Alex is not bad to watch on telly either, he's kind of good looking so that always helps watching a film. Alex's children in this film are an absolutely brilliant actor and actress and I think I will go far. 

Mrs P

Monday, 8 May 2017

Family Holiday Isle of Wight

Over the Easter holiday we went away for a week to the Isle of Wight, to a lovely bit just off East Cowes. It overlooked the sea and had a lovely bit of beach. We stayed in a place called Coastal Retreat, they are Self catering lodges including a washing machine, full kitchen, towels and all the utensils you could need. Some of them even had a Private Hot Tub, which our one did and we made a lot of use out of it. We used it every day, sometimes three times a day.

They also have a lovely restaurant in the sister place Woodside Retreat, just a 2 min walk from the Coastal Retreat through the woods. The restaurant is lovely and the staff are so friendly. I would 100% recommend them.

But we didn't just stay in the Lodge we went to see what the Isle of Wight has to offer. It is a very small island but a very cute one as well. We did a little thing each day and only done a few full day things. One of the full day things was going to see the Needles, it was great and we went on a speed boat!! The beach was lovely and they also have a few rides that you can go on like the tea cups and other small rides. We also went to a place called Blackgang Chine. I have to say it wasn't a great place, so next time we will not be going there... the only thing that was good was that it has a dinosaur park where you walk around and that was good but still not worth the price in my mind. Little Miss P has done a little YouTube video about it so I will leave it below for you.

Mrs P