Monday, 9 January 2017

Hilton for the Night

Over the last three years we have been going away for one night over Christmas or New Year, and they are all lovely Hilton hotels, normally in one of the suites and 2016 was no different. We went to stay in the Hilton in Syon Park London as it was the closest one to the show we were seeing, Cinderella at Chiswick House.

But first let me talk about the hotel room. This hotel room was massive, I don't think I've been in a hotel room this big before, you walk in and walk into the front room or as we called it Little Miss P's room as it had her put up bed in there. It had a massive TV, a sofa and a coffee table with plenty of room all around them. Then you go into the other room which was the bedroom, it had a massive bed in it with the TV coming out of a cabinet at the end of it. I have this on my Wish List now. But if I did have that I don't think I'll ever get out of bed. Both of the bedrooms led out to a balcony. Even though it was cold we still went out there and had a hot drink. Now for the bathroom. This was the room at that amazed me. The bath was so big that you could actually lie down in it and you could fill it up lots. Also there was a TV in the bathroom so you could sit on the toilet or sit in the bath and watch telly. That is a little crazy. Don't get me wrong I loved it. Also we had a double shower where it had a waterfall shower. I didn't actually get to use the shower as it was one night and I really wanted to use the bath.

That night we also got room service as we couldn't be asked to go downstairs to the restaurant so we got into our pyjamas and had food delivered to us on the table to our room. And that was heaven. Yes it did cost a small fortune but we only do it once a year, the big room and food delivered to us it's our little treats saying well done for having a good year.

Cinderella in Chiswick House was actually really good, it wasn't a panto it was just a show they put on and it had a magician character in it that did some tricks. It was funny and it was magical in Little Miss P's eyes. I would definitely go again. Little Miss P also got her face painted and a balloon, we got a lovely little lunch as well with a hotdog each and I got a glass of Prosecco to drink while watching it.

Let's see if 2017 is good to us, to enable us to do something like this again. 

Mrs P

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