Monday, 24 July 2017

End of School Report

I have finally got her end of year reports, and I have to say I'm a pretty happy mummy right now. And it is exactly what I expected. Well most of it was, I was little surprised with one of them, but I will get more into that as I go down the list. 

First up is about what she is generally like as a child in school. And as they say every year she is a pleasure to teach, and that she has a very good attitude towards her learning and her confidence in her ability is growing steadily. In particular in maths. But in her enthusiasm to do well she can sometimes rush things, so just needs to slow down and take a more careful approach to her work to make sure it's really is her best. She is mature with the ability to emphasise and has a sensible attitude, which makes her an excellent role model. She has some solid friendships but it would be good for her to expand her circle of friends.

It was lovely reading that but one bit I don't really like is the whole mature thing, she's only 8 and I think she shouldn't take things so seriously. And when I was reading this out her she said she has to sit with all the boys because that makes her the sensible one at the table.

Her attendance is absolutely brilliant and all her absences are due to her breaking her wrist or having a music exam, so can't complain about that one either. 

She pretty much got expected level in everything and A for effort in everything, except reading. I know my little lady doesn't really enjoy reading she finds it pretty boring, and her mind gets sidetracked in how she thinks the story should go, not what the author wrote. So in Reading she got emerging and effort B, I find it a little funny really.

Now onto maths and this is the one I was a little bit surprised about, to me Little Miss P is brilliant at maths, she is fantastic and fast at adding and taking away, knows all her times tables up to 12,  her maths target is "I can multiply a two digit or three digit number by a one digit number using written methods". I think I know what that means but to tell you the truth I'm not 100% sure. Is that going to be something along the lines of 33×4, well that's what I'm guessing anyway.

All the other subjects are expected and A for effort. One bit in the PE section did make me laugh though, a bit about putting what she's learnt in PE into good practice during sports day. The thing you have to remember is that she broke her wrist on sports day so if she learns how to balance a bit better we would have been alright, lol.

During the summer I would like to work with her on some school stuff so she doesn't go back to school and start from scratch, and I normally use the report to help me work out what I need to work with her on. I'll work on her reading and maths and her English and spelling more than anything else, but that wasn't mentioned at all in the report.

As I have said before I am happy with her report and a proud mummy.

Mrs P 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Lookover - Part One

3rd July - We have six months until Christmas, now that is a scary thought. But not so scary is that it is Little Miss P's birthday coming up in one month's time. She is really after a certain spy kit for her birthday but on Amazon they have put up the price and at Toys R Us they have sold out. And she's not after anything else really.
I need to talk to her about what else she might be after.  Her arm is still wrapped up in a nice pink bandage but it gets to come off in about two weeks time which she is excited about. The first thing that she wants to do is have a nice cold bath to dip her arm in. 

14th July -  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but we have booked next year's holiday, yes we are going back to Disney World in Florida, which I am so excited about, I seriously cannot wait.  We still do need to book the flights and maybe a hotel when we get there because we might go a day or so earlier. Of course there will be blog posts coming out about these as I do them and as the trip gets nearer. 
Little Miss P had a fun day at school the other day. They have lots of bouncy castles and fun things to do like that but as Little Miss P has got a broken wrist she couldn't do any of it. We had already paid the money towards it as well. So I asked if I could join her for the day at school and take her away from the situation that would actually make her really upset and they said yes it was okay, so we spent the day going through the Disney maps and looking at the rides. I think she enjoyed it. 
It's a little bit weird thinking that Little Miss P has got her last four days in year four. And in September she is going to be in year five, that is a scary thought and I do need to start looking into high schools for her. 

16th July - It has been an interesting weekend, I feel like I haven't done much but I feel like I've done a lot. I know that doesn't make sense. But I know what I mean in my own head. On Saturday we had quite a lazy day that was really nice and in the afternoon we went shopping at Bluewater for three hours. I didn't need anything but it's sometimes nice just going to the shops for a browse. And today I tipped Little Mrs P's bedroom upside down. I sorted out her room completely with her. There were two big bags full of rubbish and a big box to go in the loft and a bag for the charity shop. And there is still a big black bag to go through, I just got so fed up with doing it, and everything in this black bag hasn't got place where it belongs. And then Little Miss P had a little party to go to in the afternoon. It's now about 7:30 in the evening, I'm about to do the little one's bath, reading and then bed for her, ready for school tomorrow.

Mrs P

Monday, 17 July 2017

Disney Aladdin - West End

 The first thing I've got to say about this show is that it is amazing, Little Miss P did this show for her school play, she was just a background character, well a little dancer, but her whole year was then invited to go and see the show in the West End. Obviously we had to pay for tickets and also adults were invited too. And of course me and Little Miss P said yes to it and paid for tickets straightaway.

 There were quite a few of us but we all had to sit in separate section, which I found a bit weird. And the section I was sitting in had no teachers which was an odd thing I found going with the school.

Aladdin itself was such a magical show, the props on the stage were what blew me away, it was so vibrant with beautiful colours everywhere. You had so much to look at, from the first scene in the marketplace with all the bright pinks and blues, to inside the cave that was full of gold. 
Also the costumes were amazing. I especially loved Genie's outfit. 

My favourite character out of all the characters was the Genie, he was the main guy of the show he made me want to sing along to the songs, stand up dancing and just want to have a great time. Funny thing is he looks like a Genie. He is the perfect person for his part, his looks and character are spot-on. 
Aladdin was also a brilliant character too and the person playing the part played it perfectly, even if he did get one of his lines wrong. Jasmine I wasn't so sure about, I didn't think she looks like Jasmine and I didn't think that her singing voice was that great, don't get me wrong her voice was good but I don't think it was strong enough compared with Aladdin and the Genie. She just didn't stand out at all.
I would love to go and see this musical again with just my family, I think it would be a different experience and enjoy it more if I wasn't watching a bunch of children.

I still have to say I prefer the Lion King Musical to Aladdin but they are still both very good shows.

Mrs P

Monday, 10 July 2017

June Lookover - Part Two

24th June - Well what can I say, it was a very interesting Friday, and it definitely didn't go to plan. It was Little Miss P's sports day and as I do every year I go and watch it even though I don't actually enjoy it, as it is just a lot of throwing balls around and that's pretty much it. I just go to support her. But this sports day was completely different. One of Little Miss P's good friends fainted and I was there to calm her down and be with her and she ended up going off to hospital. So I pretty much missed the whole of Summer's sports day. But then I asked if I could watch the bit in the afternoon as I missed the first bit and I was told yes. So I thought great I can go and watch it and support her in the afternoon when most parents aren't allowed. But as I work at the school it was okay. And then the more interesting thing happened, in the first race she decided to fall over backwards and really hurt her hand. We ended up going to the emergency room and it turns out Little Miss P has fractured her wrist. She is now lying in bed with her cast on feeling very sorry for herself and is in a bit of pain. 
 Today I've just been making sure that she is comfortable and topping her up with Calpol and Ibuprofen and both of them together make her very sleepy. I'm feeling pretty tired myself as I was
up every few hours last night making sure she was okay. But I'm happy to say she did sleep through the whole night without any complaints.

30th June - Today is the last day of June, yesterday at Little Miss P had den building at school and I think she used her hand more than she should've. She was complaining when she woke up and when she got home yesterday her fractured wrist was really hurting her so I gave her some Calpol and sent her off to school and I'll ask her later if she needs any more. She now has a lovely pink cast as we had to go for her check up on Wednesday, we have to go back for another check up next Wednesday just to make sure it's healing properly and that the bones are strengthening up in the right place. That's what it sounded like when the Doctor was talking to us about it. 
 On a good note we only have three weeks left of school, which I can't wait for as we then have the six weeks holiday. But I'm slightly nervous that I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing with Little Miss P, as she would've just had her cast off and we still need to be careful with her wrist so can't do lots of energised activities.

Mrs P

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bramham Horse Trials

A few weekends ago, we went on a little adventure that took as all the way to Leeds. The car journey for us took about 3 1/2 hours, which was pretty good really because there was no traffic at all on the way up or on the way home.

  We started our adventure on Friday evening when Mr P got home. We got in the car and set off to our lovely Hilton hotel in Leeds city centre. The room was lovely and spacious and Little Miss P even got a double size bed to herself. We got room service as we like to do now at Hilton Hotels and the next morning we even had time to go out for a small swim (and I got a five minute sauna session).
Then it was back in the car for the Bramham Horse Trials. We have only ever been to one horse trials before and that was Badminton horse trials. But I have to say I really enjoyed this one, I'm not sure if it was due to that I knew what to expect this time or that it was a better course. One thing that worked really well with this one is at each main jump there were toilets, drink stalls and food stalls.

  There was one moment when we were watching one of the jumps when a Horse got stuck on one of the fences, and he started to panic. But the rider was still on his back and managed to get him off safely. They were out of the race after that, there was also another horse that fell over at one of the jumps and the rider also fell off, but they both got up and both of them are fine, and they both got checked out straight after.  Little Miss P loves watching the horses and it is an overall brilliant day out. It's a full day out so you are very tired at the end of it, but for me that is a sign of a brilliant day.

Before we went home we went to the main arena where they basically had a pony sports day is the best way to explain it. There was about six teams with the ponies and riders doing challenges. It was one of the most funny things I've ever seen. Those little ponies can go fast when they want to.

I would like to go back again in maybe two years time, and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys horseriding or anything to do with horses (and even dogs as there were so many dogs there!!).

Mrs P

Monday, 3 July 2017

June Lookover - Part One

5th June - June has started off with it being very rainy, but what else do you expect from the British weather, also had another Terrorist attack this week in London which is very sad. Just proves how stupid some people are.

  On a lighter note Little Miss P is back to school, and this term is a seven-week term. But then she is off for the summer holidays, I think the summer holidays are six week this year, and for the summer I have no plans. I just hope we get nice weather so we can go to the park lots. It was funny trying to wake up Little Miss P today as she really didn't want to. I think she struggled a lot but so did I. Not the fact that we had to wake up early it was the fact that we actually had to get dressed before 10 o'clock.

13th June - At the weekend we had a lovely weekend. It was a very full weekend but a really fun weekend with my little family.  First up we went to Bramham horse trials up near Leeds, we went straight after school on Friday and stayed up at a lovely Hilton (but that will be in a more detailed blog). And on Sunday we went sledging on an indoor Ski slope, we all had a fantastic time. But straight after we were on the road again to make our way home, as we had a wedding reception to get to. We did make it in time and had a lovely time.

17th June - Last week it was so hot as I work outside at lunchtime at the hottest part of the day and I have got myself a little tan. So that's nice but I have burnt myself a little bit on my chest, which keeps coming up in a heat rash, which is really annoying and itchy at the same time.
We have just got back from Little Miss P's school fete and there wasn't much there, which I found a little disappointing. Little Miss P went on the bouncy castle twice and we got hotdogs for a bit of lunch. We played a few of the table games like lucky dip and one where you pick your birthday and see if you win the prize. Not entirely sure what that was all about and also name the dog. We named it Bob just for a laugh. Overall we spent about 45 minutes at her school fete just to support them as they seem to need the money at the moment.
We are off to Romford in a bit because we need to pick up a few little bits then off to do the joy of food shopping. It's one of those things you just have to do as an adult and you really don't want to.

 Mrs P