Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bramham Horse Trials

A few weekends ago, we went on a little adventure that took as all the way to Leeds. The car journey for us took about 3 1/2 hours, which was pretty good really because there was no traffic at all on the way up or on the way home.

  We started our adventure on Friday evening when Mr P got home. We got in the car and set off to our lovely Hilton hotel in Leeds city centre. The room was lovely and spacious and Little Miss P even got a double size bed to herself. We got room service as we like to do now at Hilton Hotels and the next morning we even had time to go out for a small swim (and I got a five minute sauna session).
Then it was back in the car for the Bramham Horse Trials. We have only ever been to one horse trials before and that was Badminton horse trials. But I have to say I really enjoyed this one, I'm not sure if it was due to that I knew what to expect this time or that it was a better course. One thing that worked really well with this one is at each main jump there were toilets, drink stalls and food stalls.

  There was one moment when we were watching one of the jumps when a Horse got stuck on one of the fences, and he started to panic. But the rider was still on his back and managed to get him off safely. They were out of the race after that, there was also another horse that fell over at one of the jumps and the rider also fell off, but they both got up and both of them are fine, and they both got checked out straight after.  Little Miss P loves watching the horses and it is an overall brilliant day out. It's a full day out so you are very tired at the end of it, but for me that is a sign of a brilliant day.

Before we went home we went to the main arena where they basically had a pony sports day is the best way to explain it. There was about six teams with the ponies and riders doing challenges. It was one of the most funny things I've ever seen. Those little ponies can go fast when they want to.

I would like to go back again in maybe two years time, and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys horseriding or anything to do with horses (and even dogs as there were so many dogs there!!).

Mrs P

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