Monday, 17 July 2017

Disney Aladdin - West End

 The first thing I've got to say about this show is that it is amazing, Little Miss P did this show for her school play, she was just a background character, well a little dancer, but her whole year was then invited to go and see the show in the West End. Obviously we had to pay for tickets and also adults were invited too. And of course me and Little Miss P said yes to it and paid for tickets straightaway.

 There were quite a few of us but we all had to sit in separate section, which I found a bit weird. And the section I was sitting in had no teachers which was an odd thing I found going with the school.

Aladdin itself was such a magical show, the props on the stage were what blew me away, it was so vibrant with beautiful colours everywhere. You had so much to look at, from the first scene in the marketplace with all the bright pinks and blues, to inside the cave that was full of gold. 
Also the costumes were amazing. I especially loved Genie's outfit. 

My favourite character out of all the characters was the Genie, he was the main guy of the show he made me want to sing along to the songs, stand up dancing and just want to have a great time. Funny thing is he looks like a Genie. He is the perfect person for his part, his looks and character are spot-on. 
Aladdin was also a brilliant character too and the person playing the part played it perfectly, even if he did get one of his lines wrong. Jasmine I wasn't so sure about, I didn't think she looks like Jasmine and I didn't think that her singing voice was that great, don't get me wrong her voice was good but I don't think it was strong enough compared with Aladdin and the Genie. She just didn't stand out at all.
I would love to go and see this musical again with just my family, I think it would be a different experience and enjoy it more if I wasn't watching a bunch of children.

I still have to say I prefer the Lion King Musical to Aladdin but they are still both very good shows.

Mrs P

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