Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Lookover - Part One

3rd July - We have six months until Christmas, now that is a scary thought. But not so scary is that it is Little Miss P's birthday coming up in one month's time. She is really after a certain spy kit for her birthday but on Amazon they have put up the price and at Toys R Us they have sold out. And she's not after anything else really.
I need to talk to her about what else she might be after.  Her arm is still wrapped up in a nice pink bandage but it gets to come off in about two weeks time which she is excited about. The first thing that she wants to do is have a nice cold bath to dip her arm in. 

14th July -  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but we have booked next year's holiday, yes we are going back to Disney World in Florida, which I am so excited about, I seriously cannot wait.  We still do need to book the flights and maybe a hotel when we get there because we might go a day or so earlier. Of course there will be blog posts coming out about these as I do them and as the trip gets nearer. 
Little Miss P had a fun day at school the other day. They have lots of bouncy castles and fun things to do like that but as Little Miss P has got a broken wrist she couldn't do any of it. We had already paid the money towards it as well. So I asked if I could join her for the day at school and take her away from the situation that would actually make her really upset and they said yes it was okay, so we spent the day going through the Disney maps and looking at the rides. I think she enjoyed it. 
It's a little bit weird thinking that Little Miss P has got her last four days in year four. And in September she is going to be in year five, that is a scary thought and I do need to start looking into high schools for her. 

16th July - It has been an interesting weekend, I feel like I haven't done much but I feel like I've done a lot. I know that doesn't make sense. But I know what I mean in my own head. On Saturday we had quite a lazy day that was really nice and in the afternoon we went shopping at Bluewater for three hours. I didn't need anything but it's sometimes nice just going to the shops for a browse. And today I tipped Little Mrs P's bedroom upside down. I sorted out her room completely with her. There were two big bags full of rubbish and a big box to go in the loft and a bag for the charity shop. And there is still a big black bag to go through, I just got so fed up with doing it, and everything in this black bag hasn't got place where it belongs. And then Little Miss P had a little party to go to in the afternoon. It's now about 7:30 in the evening, I'm about to do the little one's bath, reading and then bed for her, ready for school tomorrow.

Mrs P

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